• ISIS is twice as bad

    Even though they both killed innocent people, ISIS takes it a step further by publicizing murders and trying to convert people to their beliefs, trying to give them "a way out", which honestly just digs them a way to hell. They'll have to murder, but if they afraid of death they'll do whatever they're told and I think ISIS may realize it. And also a few people around the world agree with them. They've had attacks in England, America and I believe Canada all linked back to ISIS and that's dangerous.... Honestly more dangerous then the Nazis and another thing, if/when the Jews were all murdered and all the other "undesirables", it would've stopped. With ISIS, they need to take over the whole world before things stop and still, after that, killing would/will keep going on

  • IsIs is worse

    As a westerner and a woman, and I realise this is pretty subjective, but I know that I would be killed in Syria etc..., however, I am pretty sure I would have survived nazi germany. Both must be (must've been) so frightening, but Isis is unpredictable and sub-human! To see what they have done is beyond comprehension (burning the Jordanian pilot), I know the nazis did inexplicable and horrendous things but that was for some reason different (a systematic death system) but with Isis they focus on an individual and seem to thrive on publicizing and enjoying their death - just sick!

  • Jews learn history

    The Jewish community needs to stop trying to constantly be the victims and learn their history. The Nazis tried to hide what they were doing, Isis shows off. Nazis were seeking world dominance like many other empires have done before, Isis are just barbaric. And most of all... Nazis PROTECTED history, Isis destroy it like a bunch of wild animals. Isis are the worst thing that has come in modern history and every one of them should be punished. Jewish community, grow up. Stop trying to always be the victim.

  • Is the leader of Isis the Islamic terrorist group like the 21st century equivalent of Hitler?

    Like what Hitler did to the Jews in World War II, who killed them in the concentration camps, Isis is now very similar to that, except they are killing all christians, like the 21st century version of the holocaust, mostly in Syria, Iraq, and in Libya. It is like the genocide for the christians. Its leader is ordering the murder innocent christians who refuse to convert to Islam. This is like genocide. According to Isis, converting to another religion, such as Christianity beside Islam is banned, punishable by death (with your head chopped off).

  • Fear the future

    ISIS take the teachings of the koran literally and devout muslims the world over agree with subjugating unbelievers. So it isn't just ISIS the free world needs to worry about its the billion plus and growing followers of a book of intolerance and hate that make me worry. Sorry but mass genocide is the only answer or a ban on islam.

  • Incomparable to the horrors of the nazis

    Lthough having similar goals; basically genocide, the sheer power, efficiency and ability of the nazis to murder millions is incomparable to the recent rising of a relatively smaller group in a region in the middle east. The nazis were so powerful in fact they started a second world war, so until ISIS can trigger World War Three I wouldn't rank them as high. Try harder ISIS.

  • ISIS has never shown mercy, even to their own.

    Most of the people in the "no" category are saying no because nazis killed more people. That isn't waht the question asks. If ISIS has the opportunity they would kill as many if not far more people. Nazis at least tried to hide their sin and nazi troops were often oblivious to it. ISIS however barbarically tortures, rapes and (in the most inhumane ways) executes everyone in their path. Be they Muslim, Jews, Christian or Atheist ISIS wants to kill them. Unless you are a member of the miniscule cult they want you dead. Everyone of there troops not only knows this, but is proud of it. They broadcast their sin across the world and recruit people by telling them of it. Nazis were some of the most evil scum in history but ISIS is evil incarnate.

  • The terror is equal.

    I agree with both sides. ISIS is publicizing every killing they do, and they are teaching Muslim children to think that way, too. They are also forcing everyone to believe what they believe, and if they don't they enslave or kill them. What they are doing is bad, but the Nazis had more of a structure than they do. Hitler was a man with a plan, and he wanted to kill everyone. That was his plan.

  • Isis is worse

    Well many of them are muslims and they are killing their own kind. They do this for power. Its been going on for a long time now too. Much more than nazy germany affected many people in germany. Nazis were horrible and Hitler was a whole other level but look at ISIS and the power they want. They are a group who couldn't and won't stop asking for power. Who can do such a thing?

  • They are not killingonly other religion people but also own religion people just for sake of allah not for any strong cause like nazi.

    I think nazis were doing this because they have faced manu injustice like weimer republic great depreesin effect , so they wanted to show their power to world and to make their country a powerful and resppectful force again but isis is just spreading terror daily just only on the name of disgusting allah.Nazis were very barbaric but i dont think they could have behead innocent child of 5 years and putting it on stick in park.Even animal will think twice to do so.Germans had national feeling &pride for doing so but isis are reckless barbaric butchers killing people cold blooded' mercilessly just fopr fucking allah.Problem is that their reason is totalally false.

  • What a joke

    God why would someone need to ask this question. The nazis were much stronger and had superior military power and land territory amassed plus the support of the people that they ruled over. Anyone who thinks isis is worse than the nazis is either ignorant of the nazis power or overestimating isis.

  • No here's why

    The nazis conquered most of continental Europe, created an alliance that would go on to launch a world war that killed Over 60 million people, which was over 2.5% of the world population.

    They Created a systemic death system, the final solution, that cramped 12 million people into camps that are not even fit for animals to live and proceeded to slaughter them by firing squad, gas chamber, physical and heat exhaustion,dehydration and starvation

    In conclusion the nazi's are the most vile organization to have ever existed and represent the darkest side of humanity, isis is a extremely vileness organization but they have not even come close to the monstrous acts performed by the nazi's.

  • This is a comical description

    No they're the same. Nazis, Fascists, ISIS -- all the same. Lol haha. There was no difference. No middle ground. And this is not a condemnation or condoning of either one (as I'm not gonna say what I really feel about them). But there is no middle ground. You either are with the Allies or with the Axis. Period. End of story.

    Open minded middle ground lol

  • ISIS is not quite there yet

    I think that ISIS has the potential to be as bad as or worse than the Nazis, but they haven't reached that point yet. They do however closely resemble the Nazis pre-WWII and share similar goals and ideas about discriminating against certain populations of people. And acquiring new territory to bring under their reign.

  • Very not close

    The nazis only did a few mistakes to lose WW2, and killed more people. Plus, ISIS only wants the word to be ilslam. Anyway thugs or a nation, who wound win? And if the nazis did not invaid the soviet union they would have WW2. Unlike ISIS, the nazis had three allies and ISIS had none.

  • No the Nazis where far worse.

    As bad as Isis is, the nazis where far worse.
    The Nazis where more orginized, and had access to the best technology of the time, and their mass killing where carried out on a larger scale, and more methodically. While both groups have key simalarities the Naizs caused more destruction the Isis probably ever will.


    ISIS are not killing people in the sake of Allah. They do it for money!Dont you know american goverment pays them. This is all because of Media trying to make muslims look bad.In the quran it says a man who kills another is not part of islam. Isis is religion death not islam.DONT BLAME THE INNOCENT CHILDREN BLAME THE TERRORISTS.ISIS ARE NOT MUSLIMS DONT LINK IT TO ISLAM!

  • Not even close

    Look, comparing Daech (ISIS) to Nazi Germany is like comparing a scooter with a Rolls Royce! At its peak, wehrmacht Military forces was of 6,500,000 men, it quickly reaches the 10's when adding the Waffen-SS (900000), the Luftwaffen (3,400,000) and the Kriegsmarine (693000). Isis is about barely 30 000 fighters.

  • Not even close

    Look, comparing Daech (ISIS) to Nazi Germany is like comparing a scooter with a Rolls Royce! At its peak, wehrmacht Military forces was of 6,500,000 men, it quickly reaches the 10's when adding the Waffen-SS (900000), the Luftwaffen (3,400,000) and the Kriegsmarine (693000). Isis is about barely 30 000 fighters.

  • Nazis created a world war

    Nazis created ww2 which Isis has not done. Nazis also killed millions of innocent Jews and justified it. Because of them millions of solider died and or got injured Isis has hurt solders and killed them but they sill have not created a world war and if they do create ww3 then u can say they r worst then nazis

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