• Islam is Peace!

    Islam is more than a religion it's a way of life. A complete system, don't look to Muslims because we lost the Islamic values, many people found happiness in Islam.
    Islam isn't just Jihad or killing people or that's not right (Haram) or that's right (Halal) Islam is something unbelievable, perfect and i mean it's really perfect.

  • Yes, it is good.

    Could you define if christianity is good or judaism or hinduism? No, why only Islam, why should Islam be the target of all religions in this world. Of course, Islam is good since it's peaceful, you cannot go against that. You cannot go against Islam as a bad religion which never caused anything bad in this world. Where's humanity in this world?

  • Need to define what is good?

    Society can't dictate what is good or what is bad. Look at Nazi Germany. If you grew up in Nazi Germany you would think killing Jews is a good thing, hence societal pressures can't dictate what is good and what is bad. Therefore we must take a holistic approach as different cultures and societies have different definition of good and bad. It may appear that the western lifestyle is inherently against Islam and therefore I seemed as bad, however many democratic rights do originate from the islamic faith. Much of the Geneva convention derives from islamic values too. A lot of what we now say as democracy is of the original message that the prophet sent down to us all. Thoughts like no arab is better than a non arab and no non-arab is better than an arab. Muhammed pbuh freed slaves well before the time of Abraham Lincoln. Muhammed pbuh taught us that all humans are equal and the colour of your skin is irrelevant. If Islam is a force for good and would no doubt have prevented the financial breakdown of western economies. Only now such shariah financial laws are being introduced which are leading to safer lending schemes that share th risk with the lender and the receipeint hence developing long standing financial relationships. Islam is good and we have much to b thankful for its existence.

  • No. Hell is wrong in Christianity and Islam.

    Hell is absolutely immoral. It is absolutely no justice. Even in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia
    Muslims even get sentenced to death for converting religion. Religion cause nothing but fear. I would be much better off without it. Human beings are such stupid idiots for bringing in religion. It has caused nothing but harm.

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