• There are no "chosen" people.

    Israel uses chemical weapons, kills non-combatants (women, children, the elderly), bombs schools, hospitals and nurseries, seizes occupied land, practices a system of apartheid and institutionalized racism, builds walls, fences and other blockades to entrap nearly an entire ethnic population of human beings, acts duplicitous in its dealings with the world community about it and gives cynical reasons for all of this. Any other country on earth would be ganged up on and destroyed immediately, and the only reason Israel gets away with this is because Zionists (Jews and their non-Jew accomplices) control all the politics, media, finance and industry in the Western world; lending Israel their full support. The office of the US President has become nothing more than a mouthpiece catering to Zionism.

    There is no "chosen" people. This racist belief is based on old, outdated religious texts that are unsupported by science and fact. How different is the "chosen" philosophy than to Nazism? None; both are racist philosophies.

    Make no mistake. The Israeli government is an evil government; and it enjoys overwhelming support from Israeli citizens, making these citizens accomplices in all the evil their goverment does. And finally the US Government is also an enabler and an accomplice to these crimes; forcing its citizens (like me) to pay taxes in order to fund and keep Zionism going.

    Jews pride themselves in acting like our moral "betters" but the majority of them support Zionism and this foul regime. It's disgusting. 99% of the 1% are Jews and control the vast majority of the world's wealth.

  • Yes they are

    Sometimes I feel like it would have been better if Hitler killed all of them. I feel bad for innocent Jews, but what this country is doing these days is not better at all. If they wouldn't exist today the world would be a lot more in peace than it is now.

  • Israel is absolutely an evil country

    Anyone that have watched the Schindler's List or know something about the Holocaust knows that Israel is doing to the Palestinians what Nazi Germany did to the Jews.
    First they force them to live in a ghetto (Gaza), then they start killing everyone inside. They want every Muslim dead as Nazi Germany wanted every Jew dead.
    It's ironic. I've never met a single Jew or Muslim in my entire life. This opinion in impartial.

  • They are the invaders

    Palestine has every right to fight back to defend themselves against well armed soldiers. After all Israel is once again invading another country. Yet they weep and make such a drama and kill thousands of Palestinians when 1 or 2 of their soldiers die. I don't understand how there are people who still support Israel at times like this. Pathetic!
    Who gives a damn about what happened in the past! Who cares who started it. But instead try looking at who is winning but not giving correct justice to civilians.
    Honestly I've grown to hate Israelies so badly. I wish it hey could stop the killing and slaughter.
    Ofcorse the rebel forces do get a couple of kills on Israelis but who are they to act like children and kill thousands after that? The Israelis aren't looking for peace. Someone has to stop them.

  • Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians.

    Israelis were never the chosen people. The chosen people were whoever would carry forth the message of Allah. Those people today, are Muslims. Muslims have the most right to live on this land. Regardless of what ever excuses you may come up with, the truth is the Arabs were living in their own land, when "Israelis" invaded the land. Forcefully stealing someone else's land was not enough, they decided that all humans other than the Jews should be killed. Israel is evil, no matter what way you look at it. Hamas is resistance, soldiers of Allah. They do not fear death, for the only thing standing between them and Paradise, is death. But the oppressors, the enemies of the believers, their rightful place is Hell.

  • They were guests in palestine!

    Bqck when palestine was still palestine, the jews were able to find comfort and acceptance in the muslim lands. After the creation of Israel IN Palestine they have run a systematic and ruthless land grab and GENOCIDE in Palestine. I suggest people look at the maps in '46, ' 48. '66 and '67 and now. You can quite easily see this is a slow, extremely brutal zionist invasion.
    Nazi Israel says it has the right to defend itself? At a ratio of 526 dead palestinions for every Israeli, it is FAR too disproportionate ( I'm including indirect, yet attributable deaths due to the oppresion/ occupation)
    Why are we, western civilization, allowing this to happen? One day history will show this as one of the greatest atrocities of the last 60 years and more ( until its finally over). AND WE JUST STOOD BY AND WATCHED!

  • Terror, WMDs, religious BS

    This country oppresses its neighbors and lives on a claim that "god" gave the land to them.
    They own WMDs and, just this year, kill thousands of civilians in a conflict which is yet to claim 50 israeli soldiers.
    They act just like Nazis and the world is silent about it

  • Continuous and shameless oppression, WMDs

    Israel is tacitly allowed to posses and develop WMDs.
    Nobody questions their "right" to claim thousands of civilian lives in a conflict which killed less than 50 on their side (only 5 civilians).
    They considered that they had "ample historical ties" to the land to found a state somewhere, believing "god" had given it to them and hence they could kick out anybody.

  • They don't have faith in humanity

    First, Israel killed the innocent citizens in Palestine. New issue, Israel have taken away their Al-Aqsa Mosque. They even blocking every Muslim to have their prayer at the mosque. The mosque is belong to Islam, not Jew. They wanted to pray to God, it's not like they wanted to commit crime. Shame on you Israel. I'm a Christian and I believe in humanity.

  • I've been personally threatened.

    After I began researching Oded Ellner and the "five dancing Israelis" arrested for filming the 9/11 attacks against America and cheering - I've been threatened over and over and over again by Israelis and Mossad.

    These people are cruel and brutal beyond compare. Not all Israelis are evil; but the army - and particularly the government and Mossad - are in the business of international arms trafficking, money laundering - and the murder of Americans and others around the world.

    Worse, because these spies make such facile liars, they have most of the world deluded into believing that they are peaceful people.

    I am Jewish and I have been routinely accused of "anti-Semitism" for being critical of the occupation, threatened, spied on, my home address and bank account information stolen.

    So yes, I am forced to conclude that Israel is an evil nation; in particular, its army and spy services are full of money launderers, mobsters, and vicious murderers.

    But those of us speaking the truth will not be afraid, nor bowed.

  • Not evil no

    Researching for years. We got rid of American Indians--are we evil? You have to live there to understand it fully--I do not. America is the best country in the world--its run by jews and I work for some. They have been very very good to me, especially in my most difficult times. Enough!

  • Only Democracy in the Middle East

    Israel is a fully fledged democracy. It supports people of all religion, sexual orientation, origin, etc. As many opinions as others have, Israel is the ONLY country in the middle east that gives these people equal rights. There couldn't be jews, women, gays, living in the countries surrounding Israel who have equal rights.

    Posted by: 89ms
  • Israel is not an evil country.

    Israel is not an evil country. They have had to do some awful things in their past, but those awful things were triggered by even worse things. They have been situated in one of the most conflict ridden areas in the world for quite some time, and with the amount of pressure that they are under by neighboring countries, they haven't done much evil at all.

  • Nooooooo noooo nooo!!!!!!!

    Israel is best state in Europe! They always want to help people, even if the ppl arent Jewish. Stop hating Israel. Yes, Israel does make mistakes, but everybody does,. That just how life works. But you cant just hate them, Im litterly crying stop hate Israel there normal people like us!!

  • Israel is a state of law, only the lawless need fear Those who murder and mame will be punished

    Arabs been murdering yahudim for 500 years
    400 of which they did freely
    1.7 Arabs live freely in Israel as Israelis
    During Jordan's illegal occupation of yahudah samarea and jerusalem 0 jews lived there
    All this is proof israel is not the agressor
    However if you attack israel, she WILL retaliate

  • Israel Always Self-Defense

    In terms of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Israel gave the Gaza strip absolute freedom, even allowing it to be recognized as its own country and trade with others. While Israel wanted Hamas to lead for the people, they instead used the freedom Israel allowed, to build a system of tunnels to support terrorist attacks and to also buy countless rockets to be used against Israel. Not once in history was Israel ever the aggravator

  • Check Israel's reasons

    Israel fights only for its right to exist, nothing more, peace has been tried at 5 times, and every time its enemies have turned them down and gone to war, check the reasons for israels actions, they do not commit violence because they want to, they do it to prevent other deaths.

  • Only fight out of nessessity

    Israel only fights to defend itself, if you truly listen to the way Israel talks about its enemies and its enemies talk about Israel, you will see the difference, the enemies talk about killing and removing the country, Israel talk about an impossibility of peace until that is gone, i advise those who do not like Israel to find reasons for Israeli crimes, many are more just than you think

  • I don't belive

    I don't believe there is a such thing as an evil country. I believe there can be corrupt politicians, there can be bad political and religious practices but I do not believed that any nation can be inherently evil. There are individuals within any nation with bad intentions, at least the fanatics in that country aren't scared to be open and vocal about their corrupt ions.

  • Does the Right to Exist make one evil? According to 67% of you, it does.

    Israel is dealing with a group of militants who want nothing more than to wipe them from the face of the earth. They are using every means at there disposal, including the use of women and children ad shields, to destroy a people they do not even deem fit to exist. People here are judging by lose of life and claiming it unfair that Israel lost less life than the Palestinians. There is a very clear and explainable reason for this: Israel uses it military and resources to protect its citizens. Hamas uses all of its resources AND innocent people to attack Israel by hiding their weaponry in apartments and schools. It is unfortunate that there has been such a lose of life, but The fault lies ENTIRELY at the feet of Hamas. This is a war between good and evil; doing what is right and doing what is desperately wicked. Hamas needs to be exterminated if there will ever be hope for the people of Gaza.

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