Is it acceptable to mock someone based on their beliefs?

Asked by: Smithereens
  • Ridiculous ideas deserve to be ridiculed

    Everyone has a right to hold a belief, but no one's belief should be free from criticism. Also, no one's belief is entitled to be "respected" more than any one else's. Every idea deserves to be criticized regardless if it's religious or if many people share the same belief. This is how we become a more rational society because it's usually those with the most irrational beliefs that always shout the loudest about their beliefs deserving "respect"

  • freedom of speech, we have the right to give our opinion

    People that believe or do wrong acts, should be mocked by society, so that they know that what they are doing is wrong. It is quite logical, if i think and express myself, saying it is wrong to be homosexual, people should be able to mock me for it, and i should be able to mock homosexuals for their beliefs (only a example). People have the right to mock people, because it is that, that makes people know what is wrong and what is right. It is was makes people know what is socially acceptable and what is unacceptable.

  • It is not right but it is acceptable

    It is not right to mock one who like the most stupid sport team ever. It is not right to mock some one who belief in stupid idea. It is not right to mock someone who believe in evil deed. However it is certainly acceptable to express your mockery to someone with whom you disagree with because unable to do so is a mockery to your own belief as well.

  • I'm pretty sure it is.

    If someone supports a rubbish sports team it is acceptable to mock them, and there is no reason why we can not do the same if someone has some crazy beliefs. To conclude, say that it is acceptable to mock someone because of the beliefs because of that good reason

  • Yes it is; but, a Sports Team is not a belief!

    Sports are entertainment; they are not a belief.

    Many people hold beliefs that are foolish or based on superstitious nonsense. You can disagree with those beliefs and present arguments that show they are foolish or have no foundation.

    Mocking is a childish behavior. Most adults do not actually mock people; but, they may disagree with their beliefs.

  • Thomas Jefferson thought so.

    Our illustrious founding father stated "Ridicule is the only which can be used against unintelligible propositions". In other words, if the belief is ludicrous enough and unsupported by any rational thinking or evidence, it is not worthy of taking seriously.

    I might also add that freedom of speech does not entitle a person to freedom of being criticized for that speech.

    While this mocking should never lead to outright discrimination or lower status/rights in society, there is no good reason not to mock a silly belief.

  • It's not only fine, it's to be encouraged

    Obviously an inllectual discussion is to be preferred, but with bigots and religious fundamentalists who completely renounce reason, those means are unavailable and the last recourse is to mercilessly and relentlessly mock them. And often, for the one doing the mocking, mockery is the only way of coping with the fact that people can be that stupid.

  • Is it acceptable to mock someone for thinking the earth is flat?

    Or that pigs CAN fly? Or that rainbows are made out of electricity, or that that cow REALLY did jump over the moon, or that the moon is made of cheese, or that if you eat red mushrooms you will grow bigger?, or that uncyclopedia is in fact an ORACLE? Or that REPUBLICANS really made the term "politically correct" or that stupid people aren't stupid, or that they are really "special" or that a horse-drawn carriage and a airplane are EQUAL? Or that 2+ 2 = 5? Or that everything I am saying is actually true? Or that I'm not a DEADPAN SNARKER or that all cats are really hyper-intellegent UBER beings banished to to the mediocre zone? Or that lemmings are semi-aquatic BIRDS, or that the writer of peter pan was a model citizen and in, NO WAY a opium-saturated pedophile? Or that the fact core is ALWAYS correct? Or that doctor is a EMOTION LORD? Or that the nyan cat is made with ARSENIC?


    Posted by: Maxx
  • Yes if they're stupid

    Obviously I would prefer to have an interesting intellectual debate, but considering the blind denial of science and reason so prevalent among, for example, evangelical Christians, I don't see why not. If they are already so committed to stupid beliefs that they cannot face seeing reason, then it won't offend them anyway.

  • Absolutely it is fine

    Especially when the people believe something stupid like "Xenu the evil galactic overlord" or "Mormonism and the Magic Underpants." All these views are totally ignoramous and they should be mocked. Religion can sometimes be best described as a comic show - especially young earth creationism or flat earth creationism -

  • No it is not.

    No one should be mocked. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they feel is right for them. This includes faiths or beliefs that oppose my own. This is basic bully behavior from ignorance and fear. They are ignorant of the knowledge of the belief and are in fear of its implications.

  • In no way

    That same person would probably think your belief is weird. Thus, we are at an impasse. You should not make fun of someone who disagrees with you. If it were ok to do that, then everyone would be insulting each other. Obviously we don't have to agree with it, but we should respect the person's right to believe what he/she wants to.

  • Never! At The Least, It's Crude Behavior

    Now, if expressing decent manners does not appeal to you, consider this ... An individual's beliefs are part of his/her core freedoms in America. The day we find mocking any freedom "acceptable" is the day we start down a point-of-no-return. You may not agree with it. You may find it to be archaic. Still, in a nation founded on Religious Freedom, every American has the right to their beliefs. If we mock one individual, should we be surprised when we are mocked? No. What we believe is protected by the First Amendment. If you cannot respect organized religion, you should at the least respect its right to exist.


  • What the Douce?!

    Im suprised that so many who belong to a website of reason chose yes. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I admit it, there are some wacky religions out there, and unless they're some kind of sacrificial cult of madmen, no one should be mocked...Even if they do believe in magic underpants. But come on. We're supposed to be thinkers on this site. Just mocking someone because of what they believe isn't fair to them. Im suprised at you guys. I thought we were at least better than that/

    Posted by: O.Z
  • is this a serious question?

    Is this world so arrogant that whether or not to bully someone is ethically right or wrong is a matter of debate? Of course this is unacceptable! No matter how ridiculous their belief system may seem to you, yours is just as ludicrous to them. The human is a fragile and sensitive thing to be treated with the utmost gentleness. This country was built for the freedom of religion; it was the sole reason why those men crosses the ocean. And now we receive that freedom, of course you typically want to take it for granted. What ever happened to respect? Whatever happened to manners and kindness towards one another? We do this to each other, then sit back and wonder why the world is crumbling in evil before our eyes...

  • No that's just wrong

    Why would someone mock someone just because they believe something you don't? I think people should just be able to believe what they want with out someone giving them crap about it. If someone was to give you crap about something you believe and grew up believe its not going to help them change there mind. There not going to just think he is right I should just drop what I have known my life just because this stupid person thinks he knows every thing there is to know about someone else s religion.

  • To win the discussion it is required to win the person...

    Once you openly begin to mock someone you close the door to open, intellectual discussion. We should never mock, because mocking is merely a childish behavior, and to mock someone is a way of making ourselves appear superior to someone. It, in fact, in trenches that person into their beliefs. If we were to actually think, rather than just react, if someone's beliefs seem ridiculous enough to mock, then they should seem in need of discussion and correction not berating comments and impish behavior.

    This is known as empathy for one. We should keep in mind that if we find their beliefs silly enough to mock, they may feel the need to do the same to ours. If we start the childish behavior, what moral ground do we have to stand on to argue?

  • not really needed

    Why should we mock others religious beliefs? People need to be more accepting any where. When we mock others for there beliefs, we are basically going against our own religion. We don't need to out right mock others beliefs loudly, but keep it to yourself if you feel you need to mock.

  • Would you want to be mocked for something you firmly believe in?

    People believe in things that truly matter to them. So if something is very important to them, then why should it matter to you? It is not your place to tell people or mock them for what the believe or do not believe. I think that is just wrong, who would like to be mocked

  • Take off your shoes.

    It is completely unacceptable to mock someone because of their beliefs. No matter what your beliefs are, there is someone out there who will think they're ridiculous and appalling. I'm assuming that everyone takes their own beliefs very seriously, and therefor would be hurt if someone else were to insult them. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.

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