Is it against human rights to withhold bathroom privileges to students?

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  • We must go!

    We need to go to the toilet during school because we don't want to have a leak in our pants during a period! That's just bad from the schools side, some say we must go at morning tea but we can't always d o that cause of sport. Etc .

  • Why we should be able to go to the toilet in class

    Kids can't concentrate when they need the toilet. It is a basic human right to be able to relieve ourselves. When it comes to the point of desperation and your teacher is not enabling you to leave class for a maximum of 3 minutes, are we supposed to run out of class without permission, or hold on and not learn to your full ability?

  • Mrs Snowden from Aitken College in Australia prevents human rights

    My teacher will NOT allow us to go to the bathroom during class. One of my class mates a few year ago pissed himself in the class just because she prevented him from using the bathroom. This is inhumane. Something should be done about this, a bill should be put into place to allow students to use the bathroom when required regardless of the teachers input.

  • It Is Unfair

    Students should get the right to use the bathroom as it can cause serious health issues for your bladder when you are older and that it can cause a student to be embarrassed if they wet their pants. Teachers may not think much of it when a student wets themself as it can cause that student to be bullied or harrassed in school, out of school or on social media, which can put them down and can put their self esteem down to negative thoughts and ended up in depression and suicidal thoughts. Teachers do not have the right to say no to students that need to go to the bathroom!

  • Desperate Student Help

    I needa piss real bad but my teacher wont let me can i please show her one of ur replies i might piss all over the floor. I have been reading your opinions and i believe that it will damage my mental health if i dont go. Please help me.

  • Wtf is wrong with yall

    All you guys saying no let me paint you a mental picture u gotta take a shit bad because youve been holding it in for a fucking hour becuase no teachers would let you go to the bathroom and you dont have time between classes or youll be late and at my school and m sure others as weel the punishment for being late is fucking way overkill so please next time you state your stupid opinion on this matter think about how the kids feel ok so fuck off and have a nice day

  • Would you like to crap your pants in class, or pee your pants in class?

    Unless you would 100% be totally fine with dropping your drawers to shake out a little dookie that you took in AP bio class, then don't you dare think that it's okay to drive some students to the point of literally crapping themselves because the teacher couldn't let them make a run for it and then get the notes that they missed from a peer.

  • If you've gotta go then you've gotta go!

    Holding in urine is exceedingly dangerous for your health! It can lead to urinary tract infections, kidney failure, and a whole host of other health issues. I am sure teachers understand this, even if they don't admit it. Using the bathroom should be a basic human right, never a privilege. This applies to children as well, not just adults.

  • Students have rights

    When students need to go to the bathroom, they need to go, would you rather they embarrass themselves and wee themselves? If you urgently wanted to go to the bathroom, students can't stop teachers so it shouldn't be like that the other way round either! It's unfair and even more, it's unhumain.

  • My English teacher Mrs Schlick from silver creek schools wont let me go

    She is unfair and she wont let me use the bathroom when need and she says If i walk out i will get detention which is just very unfair and it is against the law to not let us go. In conclusion it is very stupid, to not let us go.

  • OK, are bathrooms really rights?

    There are plenty of times when a student needs to use the bathroom, but how does that connect to human rights?

    The answer is that waiting to go the bathroom can be painful, but teachers aren't trying to torture students. Rather, they need to sit down, be patient, and learn. As supported by Senator Earl Plismuth, "Why are you asking me this? Who the heck can make any connection between bathrooms and human rights?"

  • Not an absolute right

    The argument there is an absolute right ignores the simple reality is somewhere between the student with legitimate medical problems, there is a tremendous amount of abuse of students using restroom breaks as an excuse to escape the classroom. For a couple of years our school tracked who went to the restroom and when. It showed that nearly a quarter of the students abused the system by going five or more times in a day with no medical conditions. Those identified could only go with an escort. That dramatically dropped restroom usage abuse. It was a labor intensive program and ended due to staffing issues

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