Is it against human rights to withhold bathroom privileges to students?

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  • Especially if you're a girl.

    I was on my period and I had to use the bathroom. This teacher at my school that I absolutely despise denied me access to use it. I was very angry, because it is a basic right that I should be allowed to use the bathroom as needed. So I emailed my counselor and she came and got me. This isn't over though, because I assume she'll hate me even more. So I'm going to write a poem and then perform it in front of my school. Yay!

  • It is inhumane. Kids might wet their pants, and it is bad for your intestnes.

    I am only allowed 4 passes a week, and some kids have already used them all up. They have to go to extreme measures, like sneaking out of the room and getting doctors notes. Teachers can go whenever they want, and kids should too. Kids should have the same rights as their teachers because it's only fair.

  • Violates the Universal Right to Adequate Living Standards

    Using the bathroom is a natural occurrence that everyone needs to do at least once a day, usually more. Not only would it be Morally wrong to keep anyone from using a restroom, but it violates the right to adequate living standards. No one can take that right away from anyone, even if it is as minuscule as using the bathroom.
    In my eduactional experience, when I was 18, and a senior in high school, I would occasionally leave class to use the restroom. In a certain class the teacher literally counted each time a student used the restroom and for how long. I was in the restroom for about 10 minutes, and I returned to the room to a disdainful teacher, and she called me to her desk. "Where were you." she asked. I replied, "I was in the bathroom". "For eleven minutes? I don't think so." she replied quite aggressively, and I said i was on the phone with my mom, which I was for that last few minutes of this bathroom break. She told me that she would have to 'revoke my bathroom privileges' ... I felt very targeted and violated by this threat, and replied, in the most respectful tone I could manage "I don't think that using the bathroom or contacting a parent is a privilege that you can take away. It is a right." She then had the audacity to demand an apology for me "abusing bathroom privileges" and i said, "I'm sorry, I dont want to upset you, but I am not going to apologize for exercising a basic human right and advocating for my rights as a human being, even less an American adult." she rolled her eyes and sent me back to my seat. When the class was dismissed, I reported this immediately to my school's administration, and after a few short days, she was fired for threatening a student and violating a student's rights, and for being extremely rude to not only me, but my mother who was also very concerned about the way in which she handled it.
    I am by no means saying that restricting access to bathrooms will get you fired, but it most definitely can if you handle the situation in the wrong way.
    A better way to do this is to maybe tell the student to wait until a better time that would not take away from his or her learning, like during homework time, or reading time. This is a totally respectable thing to do, and does not in any violate the rights of the student.
    Good luck!

  • If you need to go to the bathroom you go

    Its your right as a human to be able to go to the bathroom. Your teacher does not tell you when you go to the bathroom your body does. If you need to go to the bathroom and your teacher says no it can be damaging even at some point it is even healthy to go to the bathroom i hope your at least the smallest convinced couse if your not that a shame

  • Yes it is dangerous to your system

    I will admit I have abused my bathroom rights once, but I don't think it should've been restricted in all periods. Yes I do agree a detention is reasonable which I did receive but the only time I'm allowed to use the restroom is during passing periods which is the span of 3 minutes and 3 tardies equal a detention, so my bodily functions is now an "issue" after 1 incident. I now have to wait 7-8 hours without using the restroom.

  • Sometimes you Just Got to GO

    Some times you just have to go, and the 3 bathroom pass thing that goes on in our school is ridiculous. Good students who use the bathroom because they just need to and are denied that use of the restroom is just inhumane. Teachers also threaten you with detention if you go out of their room if you go to the bathroom.

  • Obviously it is if a student pees their pants during class you sue for corporal punishment and humiliation.

    Just as it is your right to be ignorant and stupid it is your right to use the restroom when needed. Even if 25% or 50% of the school was abusing their right to the bathroom it shouldn't matter. If a student wants to be stupid or ignorant there is nothing we can do about that. Keeping them in class isn't going to make them pay any more attention or do better in class. There's no reason to punish good students because of bad students. My son had a teacher in 3rd grade that was a bathroom nazi 2 of her students ended up peeing their pants by the end of the year. Unfortunately the parents didn't file a lawsuit I would have, but I instructed my child to simply walk out without permission which he did twice in fact if he ever felt like he was going to pee on himself in the middle of class. They called home about it and I told them I didn't care that he walked out without permission that they were in the wrong and it was unlawful and considered corporal punishment. They never called me again.

  • If the American or other government decided to withhold bathroom privileges from its citizens would you not be angry too?

    I get that there are students that abuse the bathroom system, but are you seriously going to tell me that it's okay for them to not let us use the restroom when we really need to just because of that fact? There are better ways of keeping students from abusing the restroom as a means to leave class, so don't tell me that teachers have a right to take away something that we have to do naturally because a bunch of students abuse it. That's just ignorant.

  • Strong WIth Bladders

    All should be able to use the washroom whenever they want as adults could use the washroom whenever they want when there working and so why should we Students not be able to go use the washroom? I think we all should be able to use the washroom because Its a right not a privilege.

  • Basic human right

    It's your human right to use the bathroom whenever you want, if I teacher says you can't simply go. You cannot deny someone from going to the toilet, it would be absurd to not allow a colleague from going to the toilet in a workplace, so why not a student at school?

  • OK, are bathrooms really rights?

    There are plenty of times when a student needs to use the bathroom, but how does that connect to human rights?

    The answer is that waiting to go the bathroom can be painful, but teachers aren't trying to torture students. Rather, they need to sit down, be patient, and learn. As supported by Senator Earl Plismuth, "Why are you asking me this? Who the heck can make any connection between bathrooms and human rights?"

  • Not an absolute right

    The argument there is an absolute right ignores the simple reality is somewhere between the student with legitimate medical problems, there is a tremendous amount of abuse of students using restroom breaks as an excuse to escape the classroom. For a couple of years our school tracked who went to the restroom and when. It showed that nearly a quarter of the students abused the system by going five or more times in a day with no medical conditions. Those identified could only go with an escort. That dramatically dropped restroom usage abuse. It was a labor intensive program and ended due to staffing issues

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