Is it against human rights to withhold bathroom privileges to students?

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  • Union Springs Central High School, NY

    It is now closed to the end of the year and our high school has put a new rule out that we are no longer able to use the bathroom during class. They say that we can only use them during the transition to our next class witch isn't enouph time due to only having 3 minutes to get to the next class before being written up from being late to the class. This is in lawfull and just plain ridiculous.

  • Union Springs Central High School, NY

    It is now towards the end of the year and our school has put a new rule in place that we are not able to go and use the restrooms during class. They said to go to the bathroom during your way to the next class but that is not logical due to having only 3 minutes to get to our next class.

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  • Freedom of Fluid.

    Why should we suffer waiting when humans need to go to the toilet? And how come teachers can go whenever they want, but for us it's outrageous to even suggest such an act! Ridiculous! It's a right of all humans to access the lavatory. Freedom of fluids everyone! Human rights. Not a privilege.

  • Need to use the bathroom

    If have to go to the bathroom they have to go the teachers cant make you wait if you really have to go because if you hold it, it can cause serious damage to your bladder like urinary tract infection and kidney failure and also if teachers need to go they can but we cant but we should

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  • It is a fundamental human need, and thus should be a right.

    Since relieving one's bladder is a fundamental human need, one that is harmful to human health and life if not met, it sold be considered a right. No one, students or others in the general public, should ever be turned away. In San Francisco, this atrocity happens all the time, or people will be required to purchase something to use the bathroom. This gets very expensive, very fast, especially on this city that prides itself on price gouging.
    Urinating is not something that people choose todo,nit is something people need to do or else suffer dire consequences. A person can go without food, but not elimination.

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  • OK, are bathrooms really rights?

    There are plenty of times when a student needs to use the bathroom, but how does that connect to human rights?

    The answer is that waiting to go the bathroom can be painful, but teachers aren't trying to torture students. Rather, they need to sit down, be patient, and learn. As supported by Senator Earl Plismuth, "Why are you asking me this? Who the heck can make any connection between bathrooms and human rights?"

  • Not an absolute right

    The argument there is an absolute right ignores the simple reality is somewhere between the student with legitimate medical problems, there is a tremendous amount of abuse of students using restroom breaks as an excuse to escape the classroom. For a couple of years our school tracked who went to the restroom and when. It showed that nearly a quarter of the students abused the system by going five or more times in a day with no medical conditions. Those identified could only go with an escort. That dramatically dropped restroom usage abuse. It was a labor intensive program and ended due to staffing issues

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