Is it bad for an animal's health to be kept in a zoo?

  • Animals' Lives Matter

    Would you want to be locked up in a cage all day with people walking by staring and yelling at you? Animals were meant to be free in the wild. They are called wild animals for a reason. If an animals is going extinct and a male and female have been located then it is alright for them to be put in captivity for a little while so they can breed. Any other time they should be left alone.

  • Yes and no

    I know that zoos are just trying to keep animals from being extinct, but if you think about it, keeping animals in cages and letting them cozy up to humans causes them to loose their primal instincts and be unable to fend for themselves. Giving them free food every day, instead of letting them find or hunt it for themselves. They should be able to run as far as they want, not just as far as a cage will allow.

  • If may be their only chance

    Let's face it guys the enviroment is shirnking and most of these animals are either losing their habitat or are on the brink of extinction due to poaching. Most of the animals in zoos come from foreign countries or places, so there is really nothing we can do to stop it. In the end these zoos may become the last refuge for them. We should reform the way we run them yes, make them safer and less stressful for the animals involved. But not ban them because out there in the wild they will die.

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