• Yes, Bringing Your Phone Can Get You in Trouble

    Kids should not bring phones to school, because school is for learning, not
    talking to your friends. If we bring phones, it’s too tempting to text on them,
    because it is silent, and usually more interesting than what the teacher is
    saying. But if a teacher catches us texting, we can get detention, or even
    sometimes have the phone confiscated. Then our parents have to come to
    school for a conference so we can get our phones back. Then both the
    school and the parents are mad. So it’s better not to bring the phone in the
    first place.

  • It is not bad to bring phones to school

    Phones provide a source of reassurance for both students and parents as it allows communication to the student for potential needs or even emergencies. Phones can benefit the school environment as it allows students to search for information as the Internet is a huge source of knowledge. Although phones can be a distraction sometimes, it is possible to have them off or silent.

  • Bringing phones to school is not bad

    Bringing phones to school is not bad when students or staff members respect everyone. It is bad when people start using them in schools or during sessions where otherwise a lecture or lab procedure would have taken place. Phones allow people to do so much more that it will benefit everyone in the end, even in schools. It allows people to make important calls, check the calendar, and much more.

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