Is it better to rule through fear (yes) or love(no)?

Asked by: Theunkown
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  • What is with these gangsta questions

    No, love is better. The way of fear is the gangsta way. Gangsta rappers love ruling through fear. Al Sharpton rules through fear. No, no, no. Any human being who answers with the other probably has a problem, and I mean a major problem. LMAO. LMAO. LMAO. Seriously now. Lol

  • Good things trumps bad

    If you rule through love and positive methods you will inspire and motivate. If you rule through fear you will tear people down. Any ruler would have it in their best interest to make the people motivated, happy, strong etc. since that would be more productive, cause less problems and potential riots/problems. It's a no brainer, and it's the same reason why religion is becoming less popular - because it's enforced by fear or hell or punishment.

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