• Yes, it is commendable to be a good Samaritan.

    It is still commendable in this day and age to be a good Samaritan. Think of all of the times that you personally had a problem or a tough situation come up and then someone suddenly came out of the blue and unselfishly helped you out. How grateful were you? The unselfish deeds of good people not only build great communities, but also build great nations.

  • We are all human.

    Ultimately we are all members of the human race. There is not enough kindness in the world and people need to show that they can still do good for others. It is the best thing a human can do, to show kindness to another person without expecting anything in return.

  • It is commendable to be a good Samaritan

    It is commendable to be a good Samaritan, but it is incumbent upon people to do it for themselves and the person they are helping - not be directed by it by someone else. Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished. Watch out for unforeseen consequences when going out of your way to help.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I strongly support this statement. We should all learn this great virtue of being a good Samaritan. This is usually out of good will. Therefore, it could bring positive feedback for example; blessings from God, it could make you a hero or heroine, you could possibly achieve a reward depending on the situation.

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