• It is dangerous to drive a motorcycle without taking the proper safety precautions.

    Motorcycle safety is a problem for motorists. Motorcycles travel at the same speeds of cars without offering the protection of an enclosed shell, thus put motorcyclists for risk of series injury or even death if they do not take the proper safety precautions. Riders should always wear a helmet as well as protective clothing or padding.

  • Yes, of course

    Motorcyclists get injured worse in 2 vehicle accidents than any other group. Most 2 vehicle m/cycle accidents are NOT the riders' fault, but are commonly because the driver "didn't see" the bike. They are smaller, and usually dark, and so harder to see, but many drivers minds are elsewhere than on the task of driving safely. Single vehicle accidents with bikes are often uneventfull, and unreported, but a few are more serious, and are reported. Riders do not have much protecting material to shield them from a crash, where a driver has airbags and crumple zones for safety. Generally, if a rider has an accident, he will be hurt worse than the same accident with a car, or that is the perception, though the truth can be different, case by case. Certainly, riders have to be afraid of drivers being careless or evil, as they can't easily push their weight against a car and win.

  • In my 48 years there has been 5 deaths and one paraplegic in my family and social circle. I too was nearly killed.

    My cousin Roger was in a motorcycle accident the summer he turned 18. He is now a paraplegic and his girlfriend who was riding with him died. My nephew hit loose gravel went out of control, layed the bike down was sliding down the highway and hit by on oncoming vehicle - dead, on Father's day a few years ago my husband and several friends went for a highway ride, one of the riders went out of control and fell - dead. My best friend's husband driving in the city crashed - dead. Then the son of a neighbor, last month, while riding his dirt bike hit a bump that thrust him into a tree - dead. This is enough evidence for me. My husband who is an experienced rider of 30 years layed his bike down on a county road two years ago at a low speed due to some loose gravel. He only tore up his pants and cut is arm and leg but that tells me they are dangerous to all.

  • They have caused 42% more damage than any car has

    Don't ride a motorbike!! They ate constant death machines and have caused 42% more injuries and 27% more deaths than cars!! Itdps stupid how some people ride them to be cool. We'll let me ask you something, is dying cool then?? Hmm?? Just think about the amount of danger you are causing to yourself

  • It is dangerous to drive a motorcycle

    It is dangerous because cars have built in safety features that help keep a driver and its passengers safe where a motorcycle does not have them. Also a car has more protection with additional space between seats, passengers and all around in the enclosure. I would always prefer the safety of a car over a motorcycle.

  • Yes sure it is

    I can say for a 25 year old male, i do own a ducati superbike 899 panigale. Needless to say it is very dangerous. I drive it with great caution to myself and those around me, also as a commuter owning a 2012 Nissan 370z nisimo coupe 6 speed manual. I know alot about driving and about cars and bikes, my first car was a 2000 toyota celica GTS my first bike was a 1975 750 honda police special given to me by my dad. I have an extreme passion for anything thats fast and thats what makes motorcycles dangerous, they have extreme acceleration rates making them the most dangerous vehicle on the road.

  • Absolutely, they are so small.

    I think that it is dangerous to drive a motorcycle. They are so small and harder to see than a regular car is. Even if you know how to drive one I feel like it is dangerous, especially when you drive it on the highway. I feel like a lot of people do not have respect for the people driving a regular vehicle, and people often drive up on people tales on a regular basis. I especially believe that it is dangerous for motorcycles to be driven on the highway. Personally, I do not believe that a motorcycle should be banned from people that know how to drive one, but they are very dangerous in my opinion. On the back roads and roads that are not the highways, I feel that they are not as dangerous. However, there should be very strict guidelines for people that want to drive a motorcycle. I have always been a bit scared for these people that drive these little vehicles on the road, but hey if that's their choice then that's their choice. Motorcycles should not be illegal, but there should be stricter guidelines and policies on who can operate one and where it can be driven. Though, if you think about it that could limit their freedom, however if it is for their protection then I am all for limiting people's rights when it comes to driving a motorcycle. Anyone have anymore interesting insight?

  • Yes, they are "organ donors"

    There's a joke going around about motorcyclist being "organ-cycles", that is organ donors. The chances of them getting into a fatal accident is high, they can get flung out of their vehicles easily and it will have devastating impact on their head. They often end up brain dead in an accident, and where do they go? The organ transplant room.

    Your lung is very very useful to another.

  • Meat on iron and in the cage, which one do you think it's more dangerous?

    Riding motorcycle can be pretty dangerous because you are vulnerable.
    Learning how to ride and riding with caution can help you mitigate the accident that happen by your error. But your stupid fellow travelers on rode can run over you. Getting hit while you are in car and on the motorcycle will have very different results.

    (Sorry for my bad English.)

  • Too dangerous to drive motorcycles

    Because mostly people driving motor cycles are in speeds. Actually there were no safe people mostly, people who drive motor cycles die when they have an accident or something. Mostly people agree driving motor cycle is dangerous even though if they wear helmet right? Motor cycle have no safety cover in it to help the driver to keep him/her safe, especially when they are drunk. More than half of the people percentage who ride or drive motor cycles are male and everyone know that males are likely to be drunk, of course especially in night it is quite dark and if they are drunk, you know what will happen right? Obviously, motor cycle make more accidents than cars. Recently as a research of some countries; they say that there are 30 time more deaths of motorcycle accidents than car accidents.

  • Let me explain it...

    I don't think that motorcycles are more dangerous than a car or a bicycle, if you know how to drive motorcycle and being a responsible person, it wouldn't be dangerous.
    Of course, if you get drunk and drive a motorcycle at maximun speed, of course will be dangerous, but, is the same danger that you can have while driving a car being drunked or other vehicle.
    So, in my opinion, motorcycles are not dangerous. (They don't bite)

  • Motorcycles are safer than cars

    High speed crashes often come with many consequences. One may be loss of life. The others may be loss of your license, getting your bike impounded and getting screwed by dad at home and then getting grounded. As a teenager, nothing is scarier than getting screwed and grounded. If you crash on a bike, you die and can't get grounded or screwed. Therefore, bikes are safer.

  • I dont want a pickle

    I want a motorcycle and they make you feel free i definitely advise you to were protective gear and watch out for dumb drivers and animals. Do not
    ride under the influence. Don't act like a daredevil wait till you can get an appropriate place to stunt and save high speeds for the track.

  • There are safer ways: here's one

    It is a fact that riding a motorcycle is very dangerous, but there are safer ways to ride one. For example, Spyders is a type of motorcycle. It's easier to drive, very much bigger than a regular motorcycle, comes in very bright colors, and you don't need experience to ride a Spyder. 27% of spyder owners are women, 26% of spyder owners are beginners. VERY GREAT VEHICLES! TRY IT OUT!

  • Better Than Cars

    Think of it this way, if you are in a car and get in a wreck, you have to stay in the car and the whole thing can cave in on you. Motorcycles on the other hand, they are open so if you start to swerve and crash, you have a better chance of jumping off and maybe getting a few cuts then dying.
    If someone is trying to hit you, or is coming at you, there are a limited places you can go in a car to get away. In a motorcycle, you can swerve around them, you have a wider range of space.
    I started riding on the back of my dad's motorcycle when i was 2 years old. When i was 6, i was the youngest in Ladies Of Harley. Now, i'm 15 and i have my own Harley. Cars are just as or maybe more dangerous as a motorcycle.

  • Most definitely Not !

    To start off, my name is Harley. Harley is a type of motorcycle. I believe that you can drive a motorcycle but if you get hurt, that's all on you. I personally love motorcycles. I think everyone should have one! But, someone people think that its very dangerous; and it is. Thats why you need the right equipment and you need to be a safe driver!

  • Cars cause most accidents involving motorcycles

    In a car it is very easy to get distracted by your phone or the radio, and chating to people in the car. You are separated from the outside. When are on a motorcycle you have one thing to focus on, driving. Motorcyclists are statistically not the cause of most accidents, that's why it's inexpensive to insure them.

  • Wtf wtf wtf

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  • Same risk as other road users

    Motorcycles have the same risk as others. People on cars are more likely to crash if the have been drinking. People in cars can still crash into things if they have their license and know how to drive. Motorcycle users have to be trained and have to have a license so there is exactly the same risk

  • If you did not know how to ride a motorcycle it will be dangerous to ride

    Riding a motorcycle is fun and safe when you know what are you doing
    I have been riding my Goldwing for a long time and long distant. Its different if you ride in the city or highway alone or as a raid with many motorcycle with you.
    love ya all

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