• I'm always right

    I don't need an argument to be right shahs Anshan. Shamans these are just filler so I can post send me to the Middle East boys Isis can suck it so can alqueda even tho they are mostly disbanded already I love America God bless America woo hoo doop de doop

  • Self defense definitely

    Though I must add that murder in the heat of the moment isn't considered a serious crime. Though I don't excuse it, it is often understood that someone provoked another to be pissed and that's why it happened. It doesn't make it right, but I can understand why someone did it.
    But only in self defense is it OK to kill

  • In situations of self defense, yes.

    I really don't see why this is so hard to understand. Houston for example has stories almost every other day of home invasions where the homeowners are killed open entry. Then occasionally you read one where they home owner killed one or more of the invaders, hell yes! So yeah in situations of self defense, absolutely,

  • Well, self defense.

    Self defense can be necessary if you are in danger of someone else hurting or killing you. However, this must be weighed if really necessary or not. Is killing really necessary? Is there a phone available? Can you call for help? If none of this applies, then yes, killing may be necessary.

  • Yes, it is because

    I feel like if you are being raped, kidnapped, or if someone is trying to kill you. Then you should have every right to fight back and potentially kill them. I also think someone raped a mother's daughter then she should have the right o kill him because he destroyed that little girls life forever. If it wasn't an attack or protection then I would say no. But in these cases I say yes.

  • Yes it is ok

    There are multiple instances I can think of where it is ok.(I'am a Christian)

    To protect others; Take the Holocaust for example if someone had killed Hitler they would have killed one person not 6000
    Criminal justice system;why risk putting someone in prison? There is ALWAYS an opertunity for them to escape.

    A arguement I hear a lot is shoot them in the arm or leg. If youve ever looked down the sites of a firearm be it rifle pistol or shotgun it is very hard to hit a small moving target. Self-defence for example the other person would be moving correct? Yes thats why youre defending yourself. In the heat of the moment are you going to try to take the harder shot or the easy? Most people would say the easy. What if you dont kill them? If you hit an artery it can take 15 minuets to bleed out. And 25-30 for the cops to show up. If they dont bleed out they can sue you and they CAN win. How do I know this? There was a case here in Texas a few years ago just like the above example. And the person that broke in to the persons house that got shot and lived won and got everything.

    And think do you want to watch someone suffer? Because if youve ever seen an animal suffer you know it can be scary. Imagine a human suffering in YOUR house.

    Just think on that.

  • Certainly there are occasions where it is acceptable to kill

    Self defense is the first example and hardly one that can be argued against. Not protecting yourself and loved ones from an unjustifiable and murderous attack would be foolish in the least and negligent in many instances. Capital punishment can be argued from multiple perspectives. If from the perspective of a Christian god than the examples laid out in the bible certainly justify it. Taken from an atheist perspective it can be justified from a utilitarian viewpoint. Personally I look upon capital punishment from the society as a whole and ask is there any benefit to the rest of society in not carrying out capital punishment. If no then I go with capital punishment otherwise no. I can however not go along with BananaPhilosophers example of utilitarianism in his finding that killing one to save others is justified. It places a higher value on quantity and I cannot believe that is justified. I also want to note that a large segment of our population is against capital punishment on moral grounds yet have no problem whatsoever allowing unborn children to be murdered quite indiscriminately.

  • Yes! I think So!

    Yes, It is OK for a Human to kill another Human IN MANY SITUATIONS!

    - Extreme Danger Self Defense
    - Extensively heated argument
    - Capitol and very though tout and decisive punishment
    - State of War
    - Similar to state of war, to capture and pillage land and gather resources for owns race/tribe <-- (Philosophical View)
    - Mercy Killings
    - Honour Killings
    - Medical euthanasia due to chronic illness

  • This is a very difficult question

    Undoubtedly, some people on this planet (i.E. Those who cause immeasurable pain and suffering to others) simply do not deserve to live. However, that doesn't mean anyone else has the right to take their lives. For example, if a father killed his daughter's rapist, he would still go to prison- and quite rightly. As much as the rapist deserved what he got, if everyone took the law into their own hands there would be absolute chaos. The only situation in which it would be acceptable to kill someone would be in self-defence as a last resort.

  • I don't think its morally wrong under some circumstances.

    There are two parts to this question. Is it okay to murder someone, and is it okay to kill someone. The question asks kill, the picture says murder. However I'll stick with the question.

    /the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another./

    The difference between killing and murdering is that not all killing is murder. By the definition as provided by google states.

    I believe that if you are in a position where you need to defend yourself or your loved ones from a threatening/overly violent person and you believe there is a good chance they want to kill you. Then I dont think its morally wrong.

  • No not ever

    You can never justify taking another human beings life. This goes for everyone. So I also agree that killing through capital punishment violates all human rights. Some people argue self defence, but even in these situations it is not cool to kill them. There is never a circumstance where killing is acceptable.

  • No it is not

    The human life should be valued, I know that. Murder is also a sin because it mentions it in the Ten Commandments in the Bible. Murder is never okay, and it's a cruel and devastating action to take. The only time I excuse it is if it's in a war in a fantasy series, like The Lord of the Rings, or Narnia. In real life though? No.

  • People are not free agents and therefore cannot kill people or "I didn't kill him sir it was the patriarchy"

    There is historical and cultural precedent for all human behaviours.

    Honorable killing, killing by state, justified killing as examples.

    If okayness is only conceived by an human agent then all that matters are those involved physically. Unless its not okay once huffpo says so, or if someone not involved gets really upset. But what if no one cares, what if he was a really not-okay guy (sorry for being a chauvinist pig by saying HE).

  • Killing is perfectly ok, if you have. A reason for doing so...

    Killing is actually wrong in every possible way EXEPT if it is: Self defence, for the survival of either, your self or more than one person. In conclusion, killing is fine as long as you have evidence to prove you are innocent AND you must have a VERY damn good reason for doing so.

  • No killing is not right.

    The reason for this statement is that the police should be able to kill people who have been doing bad stuff. For example if they have murdered a member of their family then it’s the polices responsibility to solve it and if you get involved as well by killing that person then you will be sent to prison as well as the murder.

  • No killing is not right.

    The reason for this statement is that the police should be able to kill people who have been doing bad stuff. For example if they have murdered a member of their family then it’s the polices responsibility to solve it and if you get involved as well by killing that person then you will be sent to prison as well as the murder.

  • I don,t think it would be merciful to kill someone for no reason. There isnt any reason so big that you can kill someone

    Yes you are right, I agree with you god has made us he has the right to take our life ,no matter whatever the reason it is not right to kill someone just because you want to be safe. Everybody has the right to live big or small, African or American. It would be completely illegal to kill someone for your needs. It is completely unlawful to kill someone

  • No, its not okay in any way.

    We know this world is based off of opinions and fact/truth. Killing a person is just wrong. Your either killing a person for a good reason or just for selfish reasons. Your not just hurting the person you killed but the people who cared for him/her. You would be living in guilt because of the situation you put a family or some friends in. There are more ways to solve fear, anger, and sadness than just plain out violence. No matter if they killed people or injured another. Just think about it. This world is never going to be perfect. We are always going to have someone bad. Say if you got someone guilty because they killed someone of your family. That could lead to someone in the family who just had a loss, kill someone in the family who committed their loss. Its never going to end. Your just creating more problems. (From a 13 year old)

  • Not necessarily, sir

    Even if a person commits manslaughter or a crime against you it is not technically correct to murder them. Many people do not seem to realize that even in the case of self defense, many people go to jail every year for killings. Killing is not only absolutely horrific unless you have physiological issues, but you are deciding the permanent fate of the attempted killer. You are killing your own species and you are taking away the instinct for life. You have also made yourself as bad and possibly even worse than the person you have killed. NOT TO MENTION THE GUILT THAT WILL STAY WITH YOU FOR ETERNITY.

  • Think about everyone affected by the death of that person...

    Death to someone doesn't only end there life it hurts anyone connected to that person. The family of that person have almost defiantly not done anything to deserve the loss of someone in their family. Image losing someone you loved just because someone felt the need to end there life, obviously without thinking of the. Consequences.

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