• America wouldn't be a country is we didn't break some laws

    There is an exception to virtually every rule. There are reasons to speed in an emergency situation. There are reasons to disobey a standing government because of a long train of abuses. Not all laws are made in good faith, with the best interest of the people they are supposed to protect.

  • Yes there are occasions when it is ok to break the law.

    The key word occasions and I don't mean big ones like murder or theft. Like jaywalking when there isn't a car anywhere on the road or some of the older laws that shouldn't even be on the books. There are situations which following the law exactly defeats the spirit of the law. That is the bigger question. Following the spirit of the law in general is more important than following all the specific laws exactly as written.

  • If the law is against your conscience, then it is.

    We are not robots. We have a moral sense of what is right and wrong, and each individuals conscience may be different. Just because a government official is telling people to do it, does not mean it's right for people to do. Therefore, if it's against what one believes in, then one may have to break the law.

  • Sure it is.

    The question is almost asinine. Lots of lawbreakers are revered, even in our government mandated schools, such as our founding fathers and Harriet Tubman, just to name a few. The assertion that it is always wrong to break the law is an appeal to authority. Unless evidence is presented to justify a law, like not raping, then the law doesn't have any logical backing.

  • Yes, but within reason

    Laws are in place to keep us safe, and I do think that everybody should respect the law. That being said, there are situations wherein breaking the law is excuseable. One example would be speeding to the hospital when your wife is in labor. Another example might be using violence in self defense. Most police officers (in the case of speeding) or courts (in the case of self defense) make exceptions for culpability in such cases.

  • Sometimes it is okay to break the law if no one get hurt doing so.

    If you were driving your car and there is a stop sign and there is no one to stop for, just keep on going, you should not stop just for a sign. But if there is a car waiting to go when you see a stop sign, let them go.

  • For, the most part yes.

    If you look through out history you will find many examples where laws were broken for the common good. When a government uses the very laws it makes to unfairly suppress its people, then those people have every right to raise up against that. But there are many cases where dong it for the good of all was really just an excuse to cause trouble. I kind of view modern riots in that way.

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  • The "Law" is an Evolving Concept

    At one time the law supported the right of wealthy landowners, as well as others, to hold slaves. Some individuals who were vehemently opposed to the practice of slavery tried to help slaves escape to freedom. By providing such assistance to the slaves they were clearly breaking the current laws of their time; however what they were doing was morally sound and righteous. The lawful support of slavery was immoral. As U.S. Society has evolved in its understanding of equality for all, so have our laws. I feel moral opportunities for breaking the law exist when laws themselves lack a sense of fairness. Constant and ongoing questioning of current laws is what keeps society moving forward toward the idealistic notion of equality for all.

  • Most of the time

    Because some times people break the law because they are trying to prove a point. History has been made because people have broken the law. If certain people hadn't broken the law the world may not be the same way it is today. Like Martin Luther King and Corrie ten boom and even Ghent

  • Don't break the law! However...

    If one's family was killed and the criminal was not punished correctly, I would go as far to say that one who commits revenge would be in the right, in extreme circumstances. But ultimately I believe that the laws are placed in society for a reason and therefor should be respected.

  • No one should have the right to break a LAW, especially the people who initially enforced it upon us.

    By the government breaking the law, people will start doubting the reason as to why they were set from the start. The laws are there to hold people back and show their limits as a human being and as a citizen of a bigger society. If the government, being the people we look up to when it comes to politics, were to break the law, what would hold Americans as to not follow their lead? Everything comes with its circumstances. One decision, especially one this big, will always hold multiple risks.

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  • Vigilantism isn't a good thing.

    Taking the law into your own hands is a dangerous thing to do. It can be one-sided, fueled with rage. Many people don't reflect on their motives and consider the other person's side. Police are there to carry out justice. Innocent people are often caught up in this illegal business as by-standers.

  • Laws are in place to protect the public.

    Never should there be a reason that you must break the law. Every law is put in place for protection and other reasons as well. When people break the law if makes look as if breaking the laws is okay. Laws are important and never should there be a reason to break them.

  • Not all laws are in placed to protect you.

    What about laws that are in placed with ideologies that do not protect the general public or the greater good? Laws are completely relative. There is a difference between laws of protection such as it being illegal to murder, or harm others. However there were once laws that were in place which directly violated an individual's basic human rights. Apartheids, same-sex marriage laws, abortion laws etc. Laws which attempt to control and create social obedience rather than protect, are destined to be broken. Look at MLK for example and his letter from Birmingham prison. He says it is a moral code to disobey unjust laws.

  • Never break the law

    You dont need to break the law. Its bad and if u do it then everyone will do it then where would we be? People breaking the law all the time. All it takes is that one person to break it first. I would not want to be that person.

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