• Kids Need to Be Paddled

    Kids need to be paddled, especially today. They think they are all cool for getting detention, it teaches them nothing and spreads a negative trend. They need to be beaten for their shit to actually learn, America is full of dumbasses today because they don't learn their lessons when they were younger now, but, I think only kids in grades 5 - 12 should be able to be paddled.

  • It's better than the alternatives

    Since corporal punishment has been removed from schools in many countries there has to be some type of discipline to replace it. That has included suspending and expelling students from school.

    These types of punishments have not multiplied and they are far more damaging to a child's future than paddling.

  • It is unfair humiliation.

    Kids are kids. They argue, push limits, and occasionally get into physical fights. There is always an underlying reason for poor behavior; home life being the main problem for many children. But they're kids. They are learning right from wrong and how to behave properly. What kind of example does it set if they see adults hitting? All that does is make the child embarrassed and mad about the whole injustice. If we set good example for the young generation, they will follow. Children learn fast!

  • If you hit an adult you are in the wrong

    It is not fair that adults can not be hit but kids in school can. Think about what you are doing to them? You might now have a kid who never talks or answers questions because they are to afraid. It is pure embarrassment to be hit in public. And when you are wearing a skirt or something it is worse. Everyone knows you went in the hall to get hit... There is no getting away from that. Also they might now have no respect for that teacher and that could ruin their learning.

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