• Kids Need to Be Paddled

    Kids need to be paddled, especially today. They think they are all cool for getting detention, it teaches them nothing and spreads a negative trend. They need to be beaten for their shit to actually learn, America is full of dumbasses today because they don't learn their lessons when they were younger now, but, I think only kids in grades 5 - 12 should be able to be paddled.

  • It's better than the alternatives

    Since corporal punishment has been removed from schools in many countries there has to be some type of discipline to replace it. That has included suspending and expelling students from school.

    These types of punishments have not multiplied and they are far more damaging to a child's future than paddling.

  • Because ity hurts

    When you get the paddling it all ways hurts ans if u try to get up your legs hurt and in class you'll be whining in class and you'll be crying and bother all the kids and teachers and the teachers will sent you back to the office soo u will get susbended.

  • Why fairness over effectiveness?

    Some people think that paddling might not be fair but it is effective I also think that paddling is effective to some kids not all but some because there are some kids that get paddled that learn from the first time but some kids can get paddled and it could hurt but still go back and do the same exact thing knowing the consequences. I think they do those things because they are having a bad day or because they don't think that they deserve to get paddled just because they bumped into a kid on accident and the little kid acts like he just pushed him down and gets him into trouble. I believe that maybe they're doing it to prove a point: no matter how many times you paddle us we're still going to make mistakes and there's nothing you or anybody can do about it. Maybe that's what kids are trying to say every time they get paddled. That's certainly what I'm trying to say and I'm only 13 in the 8th grade. Who agrees with me on the fact that maybe kids are jsut trying to prove a point or do think that maybe they just like getting in trouble and getting paddled because it makes them look and feel tough? Don't you think that if your kids are going to get hit it might as well come from your hand that is attatched to your arm and controlled by Who agrees with me on the fact that maybe kids are jsut trying to prove a point or do think that maybe they just like getting in trouble and getting paddled because it makes them look and feel tough? Don't you think that if your kids are going to get hit it might as well come from your hand that's connected to your arm that gets controlled by your brain?

  • Is it fair to spank at school?

    Only as the last resort. However paddling for unfair, unreasonable, and without explanation would be wrong especially when the student didn't do anything to deserve the paddling, unfair paddle use is abusive and shows how over corruptive or cruel that school authories are to physically abuse them by using paddling with the termful means of discipline. For the most part it's the parents place to spank or discipline their children not the school system or it's authorities. As mom whenever that might happen, I plan on giving my children spankings as last resort when alternative forms of discipline didn't work or when the did something seriously bad or wrong such as stealing or touching other improperly,etc.

  • Absolutely positively not

    As a teenager myself I have the right to say that we act out and misbehave for a reason we aren't just doing it for fun maybe I have trouble talking in class because I have anxiety, maybe I talked back to my teacher because some kids were just making fun of me out in the hall and I couldn't restrain my anger and irritation, maybe I'm stressed because of all the work I'm getting and I'm having a hard time keeping up and I forgot about my homework for one of my classes, maybe i fell asleep in class because I have insomnia and I haven't slept for than two hours this week it could any of those reasons and many more that I did something wrong or talked back to my teacher or fell asleep in class or didn't do my homework. There is constant pressure for parents and teachers to be perfect little angels but we are teenagers we haven't had more then 13-18 years to learn all the things adults have so they should understand that we don't know or understand that we make mistakes sometimes because like adults we are human and we aren't perfect. Paddling us for our mistakes which I'm sure the teachers have probably made in their lifetime is absolutely horrible and is humiliating and degrading. Nowadays students are constantly stressed, pushed to be perfect, degraded by society, teachers, social media and by themselves we don't need to be degraded even more thank you very much.

  • It is unfair humiliation.

    Kids are kids. They argue, push limits, and occasionally get into physical fights. There is always an underlying reason for poor behavior; home life being the main problem for many children. But they're kids. They are learning right from wrong and how to behave properly. What kind of example does it set if they see adults hitting? All that does is make the child embarrassed and mad about the whole injustice. If we set good example for the young generation, they will follow. Children learn fast!

  • If you hit an adult you are in the wrong

    It is not fair that adults can not be hit but kids in school can. Think about what you are doing to them? You might now have a kid who never talks or answers questions because they are to afraid. It is pure embarrassment to be hit in public. And when you are wearing a skirt or something it is worse. Everyone knows you went in the hall to get hit... There is no getting away from that. Also they might now have no respect for that teacher and that could ruin their learning.

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