Is it fair that the insurance companies of the Orlando victims are NOT getting billed by the hospital for the victims' treatment?

  • Yes, it is fair for if the insurance companies were billed the victims would ultimately pay the price.

    The insurance companies of the Orlando victims are not being billed which is a silver lining for the victims and their families. If the insurance companies were being billed than you would have the situation where the victims would have to be responsible for paying premiums and different fees associated with their treatment. A tragedy had occurred, one of which not a single one of those people is responsible for, so why penalize them anymore for a situation that was entirely out of their hands and tragic.

  • This is charity in action!

    This is exactly how charity in this country is supposed to work. When a big powerful organization (like the Orlando hospital) comes across a group of people in trouble through no fault of their own, the big organization steps in to help! The insurance companies shouldn't even be involved in this situation, there's no need for them.

  • They should be billed.

    I do not see why the insurance companies of the orlando victims are not getting billed by the hospital for the victims' treatment. If they actually have insurance with these companies then why are they not receiving bills. It does not make sense to me at all. They should be billed.

  • Patients Should Not Pay

    This notion is unfair with the supposition that the patients are still getting billed for any portion of the expenses. This assumption is well-founded as one can easily look at any hospital bill and see that insurance companies get discounts, up to 100%, while the patient receives no charity. Insurance companies have the deepest pockets in government and, almost everything thing they do other than pay claims, is criminal.

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