Is it fair to call all German soldiers during WW2 Nazis?

Asked by: james3hayes
  • It was called NAZI Germany

    It was literally known as NAZI Germany. As a soldier of Germany in that time, you would be qualified as a Nazi during the war. After the war ended may be a different story, but all soldiers during WWII were rightfully classified as Nazis. Any man that would join a NAZI army is a Nazi, plain and simple.

  • Most fought primarily for the state.

    Putting aside the Waffen-SS who were quite devout Nazi supporters I do not believe it fair to say that all soldiers fighting for the German state were Nazis. Much of the Wehrmacht was fighting the war purely because they were ordered to by the state. To suggest just because they fought for a political system they must be supporters is the same as suggesting that should you join the military nowadays then you are supporting the conservative party. We know that that is not the case it's simply a fact of doing one's duty for their country.

  • No, most didn't even support Hitler's ways...

    Some had no choice to fight for their country or they would be killed. Some didn't even support Hitler. If they objected, they would be considered a traitor to their people. Some soldiers even went into hiding because they didn't want to fight for Hitler. They shouldn't be qualified as "Nazis", Hitler and his administration should be.

  • You had to be in power to be a Nazi

    During World War 2 the Nazi's were the high commanding officers and special troops such as generals admirals. If you were in the SS I would call you a Nazi. Most German soldiers fought in the war because they were forced to and they truly believed that they were fighting for the good of there country. Most German soldiers were not evil Nazi's. After all not all Americans were slave owners.

  • Maybe not all German solders...

    Though all of the solders in Germany fought with the Nazis, many where either forced to or went into hiding. Many didn't agree with Hitler but where too afraid to say anything because going against Hitler meant absolute death.Look i'm not trying to but in about anything but i'm just saying. Not every solder in Germany could be qualified as a Nazi.

  • I think not false claim

    The Germans who fought in world war two were just fighting for their country. The members of the ss of course were the true Nazis because to join the ss you had to do a racial profile check. But the army, air force and navy of Germany in world war two just fought for their land and being part German I would have done the exact same thing fought for the culture of Germany not for the worthless Nazis.

  • Not all German Soldiers were Nazis

    The Nazi party was just that. It was the ruling political faction but not all German soldiers were Nazis. Not all US soldiers are republican. Some are democrats. Each German soldier swore allegiance to Adolph Hitler, but unless they were in the SS it was not a requirement to join the Nazi party.

  • I believe not

    I believe that soldiers in Nazi Germany shouldn't be called Nazis. I believe that the people who ran the death camps should be however. I have read that soldiers will be publically executed if they decided not to fight for Germany. So what this means is that they were forced.

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heil says2015-02-21T04:27:44.167
Nothing wrong with national socialism, i'm one myself