• Some Zoo Animals are Taken Care For

    I would think that it is not inhumane for zookeepers to keep animals in the zoo. I do feel that a lot of the times, certain exotic animals are kept in zoos so that they are well taken care of by the zookeepers and veterinarians. Tigers, Pandas and even some species of monkeys could be brought into a zoo because they were injured in the wild or are possibly suffering from a certain disease and by being in the zoo they can be kept under watch and be fed nutrients and supplements to gain their strength. Sometimes the zoo will release the animal back into the wild if they feel that they were able to successfully bring a certain animal back to full strength.

  • Yes, if the zoos mimic habitat.

    Many species of animals have been saved and preserved from the extinction they would have had in the wild by being taken to zoos. Zoos allow many people to learn about and observe animals so they care about protecting them. But the zoo needs to be spacious and mimic the natural habitat of each animal.

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  • Its Wrong and Sad!

    Animals Should be in the wild. I get if they were born in captivity or are close to extinction, but animals that were originally in the wild are being split up from there families to be put in a cage for the rest of there lifes. Its not fair for these poor animals to go through this.

  • Animals belong in home

    Animals belong in there homes and with there family. Zoos are like prisons for animals. Humans go to jail when they commit crime , but animals didn't commit a crime. It's very, very, very sad that animals are locked up in cages and seeing there sad faces make it even worst to be in a PRISONS!

  • They're being seperated...

    Animals are being split from families and the rest are being slain.Animals are catching illnesses and there's been zoo chaos happening around feline areas and sea areas. Antarctican animals are not in the areas they're supposed to be and aren't in good condition with food. This treatment is wrong for animals!

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