Is it healthy for animals (not endangered) to be in zoos?

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  • Better for them.

    The vast majority of animals in zoos are ones that are not indigenous, so the only other way people would be able to see them is if they travel to their natural habitat. About 175 million people visit zoos each year so if zoos did not exist then people who still wanted to see them would basically invade the natural habitat of these animals. Seeing that wild animals tend to avoid human contact, the presence of humans forces them to move out. Thing is, tourists still want to see them so they invade the space they moved and so on. In zoos, the animals become more accustom to human presence. Because getting these animals tends to be expensive for the zoo, they tend to do their best to keep the animals in good health. They don't have to worry about predictors, drought or lack of food sources. In the wild, a minor injury could mean death for them, especially if it gets infected.

  • Definetly Zoos Are Better

    Yes I know that without the zoos they can be free into the wild, but zoos aren’t all that bad. Actually animals in zoos live longer than animals who aren’t in zoos. They get well fed and get all the care they need from zoo employees. See it’s not all that bad, sure they’re are some bad things but being held in a cage, but If I was an animal I would want to be free. However if I wanted to live longer I would choose zoos.

  • I hate animals

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  • I think yes

    Because animals may survive better in zoos, for example, some cockatoos can only live up to about a decade, but in captivity, they can live into their 50s due to better food and no predators. I agree that a world without sadness would be boring for us, but for animals it is a place to survive and recuperate, as a few breeding pairs can flourish in its boundaries

  • Helps visitors learn about the animals

    When you go to the zoo you can learn a lot more then u could from just looking at them in the wild. When you go to the zoo there is signs there that you can read and learn a lot about the animals there. For example if u want to know where tigers live look on the sign that is near the tiger cage then it will tell you where they live and probably how long they have been on the earth for.

  • Yes, it is healthy on different levels.

    While it isn't required for many other species, some species may go through different threats. Poaching, pollution (particulates, thermal, light, sound, gas, liquid waste, et cetera), etc. While keeping them in without proper reason may not be the most ethical, if their environment is polluted or damaged in any way by any natural or man made influence that could harm them then they should be able to be kept in a zoo. It may not be ethical to keep them trapped if they're not endangered but if their environment may hurt them, is it ethical to allow them to suffer?

  • No It is not healthy for any animals to be in zoos

    Animals should not be held in zoos for the entertainment of humans because it is inhumane and wrong. They should live in their natural habitats and not be contained. They should be allowed to live as they are naturally born, not held captive in a cage on display for humans to gawk at.

  • Keeping animals confined for money is cruel

    The animals aren't endangered or harmful, so why keep them confined in a cage? Think of summer in the bronx. Hot, right? Now imagine that heat again-as a polar bear. Wow. They are kept in tiny enclosures. In the wild, wolves have several square acres of land to wander. In zoos, they're lucky to get a quarter mile. Send the animals to national parks! Bright lights flashing in animal's faces can cause terrible stress problems. Some of those birds have NEVER seen the light of the sun once. So stop.

  • Would you like to be in a cage??

    I mean, I'm not an expert but i think i can say this much...
    Just think of the proverb "Don't do to others what you wouldn't like"
    Would you like to be in a cage, for the rest of your life? I mean, okay, you get free food and so on but would you feel happy to always be in a cage or kept away by a thick glass so that you won't run away.
    Image trying to communicate that you dont want to be there but you can't because no one understands...
    Image who you would feel

  • No animal should be locked up

    Only 41% of zoo keepers are educated there too care for the animals in zoos. Animals been in cages most zoos don't keep the wall up the at standerd in fact on time a zoo had the wall 4ft under the standerd an it made it over the wall and killed a person injererd 2 more one was a zoo keeper.And what if you where taken from your house locked up in a cage with only a bed 2 books and only feed meatlof and carrots.

  • I say no

    No because it is bad and they have to be in natural habitats because they have to eat what they need and they have a chance to survive better in the willed and in zoos they might not give them healthy food that they need to survive so I rest my case.

  • Why should non-endangered species not be allowed to live in the wild?

    I think it's relatively cruel to keep animals who have no threat to their species trapped in captivity just for our entertainment/ education.
    It seems unnecessary as they could be living in the wild, rather that stuck in the same place. I feel zoos should just be for helping stop a species from becoming extinct.

  • Because it is cruel

    It is not there natural environment that nature has created for them.They are not supposed to be in a closed environment but rather they should be in the wild where they can run free. People who think this is right are so selfish and dumb asses because if this was u in a cage for the rest of your life would you enjoy it

  • Let them go

    I believe that animals who are not endangered should be allowed to live their natural lives and then once they are endangered then they should be put in captivity. Then they can breed and live a natural life, only behind the bars of a zoo. With no privacy what so ever!

  • No, They're Unhealthy.

    Animals in zoos are unhealthy. They are sad, that they can't hunt. They want to have fun running in fields! But they can't because zoo-oligists are trying to make money. They could do other things, like put live cameras in the wild and have people watch them. That would be much better.

  • Captivity is like SLAVERY! Here's Why!

    Many people love going to the zoo with their families to see "The cool animals" and have a great time but in all reality these animals are stuck in a confined area no room to explore and forced to be gawked at by the visitors of the zoo each day never getting the chance to become a normal animal and even if they did most likely these animals would DIE out in the wild because they're used to being fed everyday and not having a lot of activity to worry about. And yes captivity is like slavery!

  • Zoo's are bad places for animals

    Zoos are bad because animals probabaly not comfortable with people staring at them all the time. Animals need to be in the wild. They wont feel like their in the wild if thier locked up in a cage. ONe time a zoo acutally killed a giraffe and feed it to a lion.

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