Is it hypocritical for someone to be pro-life and eat meat?

  • Absolutely true in my opinion

    An animal breed for meat and a fetus both have no way of defending their interests and can suffer pain, albeit short lived that results in death. Importantly killing an animal for food and a termination are done for selfish reasons and are not usually essential. Therefore a potential abortion and eating meat are a personal moral decision I believe for an individual and the individual alone to make. Personally I choose not to eat meat and would probably have an abortion if I didn't think I was in the right situation to take care of a baby. I don't believe there are any justifications for eating meat that can then no longer apply in a termination situation.

  • Yes, of course.

    Why does a human have more of a right to live than any other animal? I know this argument is used time and time again but say an alien race came to earth and began to torture, enslave and eventually eat us.. Would you then begin to tell them you have rights? We are not special cases, that is egotistical, we have the same rights as every other living thing. To say you can't kill a human fetus which may or may not feel pain but you can most definitely kill animals we have bred to use and kill is hypocritical.

  • Yes It Is.

    It is very hypocritical of those who call themselves pro-life to also eat meat. They are clearly not pro-life all together. Otherwise they would convert to Jainism and mourn the life of every bug and germ and animal in the world. They are simply opposed to one issue, which is abortion, and they use the label pro-life to gain some sympathy points along the way.

  • Abortion is murder....But let me have this juicy steak!

    Honestly, I am pro choice and I don't eat meat, which is a bit hypocritical of me. That said, foetuses under 20 weeks are not the same as living, breathing animals.
    Animal farming is horrendous, especially the non free range poultry industry and the dairy industry. Living breathing male chicks are crushed alive because they aren't of value, and cows are constantly impregnated, then have their calves taken away, just to keep them lactating. Animals scream and feel pain.
    Being Pro Life and eating meat is absolutely ridiculous. I would suspect the individuals who eat meat but are anti abortion don't actually care about the unborn babies - they just want control.

  • Yes, of course

    Animals and humans are equal. No one should be more important. You say everyone has the right to live, right? But you say it while eating goddamn bacon! That makes no sense at all, since "every single being in this world should have the right to live and grow up", as you say.

  • Pro life is for ALL life

    It is strange/scary to think how we as a society can condone the mass slaughter of living beings on a daily basis simply because it "tastes good". I can't understand it. We DO NOT live in the bronze age anymore wake the F up!!! Pro life is for ALL life!

  • Non-sentient fetuses are more deserving of life than the

    It is absolutely hypocritical to be pro-life while still consuming animal meat (especially factory farmed). Most people would agree that their dogs and cats can feel pain, sadness, and have a desire to live. Farm animals are no different, pigs have been proven to be smarter than dogs and can outperform 3 year old children in certain intelligence tests. Yet they are completely unimportant to those who claim to believe all life is important. Farm animals have fully developed nervous systems, an obvious desire to live, and can even feel emotions. It is ok to rip baby cows from their mothers so that we can consume their milk unnecessarily, but deciding to remove underdeveloped human cells that cannot live without the mother is considered immoral?

  • Most definitely, yes!

    Along with everything that has been already stated, how can you argue that if it has a heartbeat it is considered a precious life and in the sane breath say you eat meat? By eating meat and drinking milk you're supporting an industry that makes profit from torture and murder- taking that heartbeat away. How can you tell me a clump of cells is life but an animal is just here for our nourishment. By that logic, abortion should be okay as long as we eat the fetus. How do you not see the hypocrisy? Maybe that's why they're calling it anti-abortion rather than pro-life, cause if you're pro-life, you support the rights of anything LIVING. Anyone who says otherwise is an ignoramus weep doesn't want vto fave the fact that they are a murderous hypocrite. And btw, yes you murder by eating meat. Think of it as hiring a hit man then eating the victim. People go to prison for doing that to humans, but I guess it's okay to do it to animals because we're the only valuable life here

  • Yes It Is

    An animal is an actual living, breathing creature with self-awareness, emotion and pain. This has been proven among mammals time and time again.

    A fetus is a fertilized egg, and until 21 weeks not viable. In other words not breathing, not conscious and not in pain. Just basic functions and a heart beat. Therefore why does it get the right to live over anything else that the ignorant side of the human race has deemed to be lesser then itself?

  • Yes it is.

    How can you say one life is more sacred than another? A living,breathing animal died for your steak, was forcibly artificially inseminated and tortured for your milk. How is that life less important than a fetus? It isn't. If you say one life is important but one life isn't that is hypocritical. I think it's someone's choice to eat meat or not. Personally I could never get an abortion and I am vegan. Those are my beliefs but I don't go around to meat eaters saying they shouldn't have a choice. The meat and dairy industries are contributing to the death of our environment and animals and meat is killing meat eaters faster than they should be dying but that is their choice...Sucks that they are making it for all the fully developed humans. If they are contributing to our environments death which will eventually kill us, and killing animals but saying someone shouldn't have the choice to have an abortion that seems skewed. By choosing to eat meat they are affecting humans too. All life matters.

  • This argument oversimplifies two complex issues..

    If you want to say someone who eats meat cannot be pro-life, by the same logic, one can argue that someone that does not eat meat (vegans/vegetarians) cannot be pro-choice. This type of thinking, as we should know, is too black and white and assumes too many conclusions before the argument even starts. If vegans want to promote veganism, they should stick to objective facts such as health benefits instead of arguing the ethics which have very few universal standards.

  • No what the hell

    Wtf this doesnt even compare. Its human versus animals. We are superior beings. How can you think animals are on our level? Its not hypocritical its just mine and many peoples opinion that animals were put on this earth for us. Even if you dont agree you have to admit we are at the top of the food chain due to our superior intellect. Fuck you brainwashed sheep.

  • How can anyone Believe This

    This is just another logically flawed insult meant to discourage the pro life. In no way shape or form is this a valid pro choice argument, just an insult.

    I do not see how it can be considered hypocritically to believe the life of a human child is worth saving from murder and then eat a burger. Seriously, the two things are completely unrelated.

    If anything it's the pro choice who are hypocrites. They believe the death penalty should be banned, they believe guns should be banned, and some of them (like everyone who answered yes) even believe meat should be banned, but fail to see anything wrong with murdering a child in the womb.

  • I'm pro-choice but this argument is absurd

    If you believe that a fetus is a person who has a right to life it doesn't follow that you must also believe that an animal is a person who has a right to life.

    Granted there are pro-life vegans.

    One could easily make the argument in reverse that if you are vegan and pro-choice you are hypocritical. It makes just as little sense.

  • No it isn't

    The question makes a category error. Strictly speaking, those who identify as pro-life seek to protect human life through the outlawing of abortion. They argue that human life begins at conception. If we accept that, it follows that abortion is the intentional taking of an innocent human life - murder. Killing and eating animals is not considered murder by most mainstream thinkers and through common sense.

  • No, by their position it wouldn't be.

    Pro-life people are not being inconsistent or hypocritical, because their beliefs about the beginning of life and the sacredness of it only applies to human life. One thing we have in common with all animals is that we are alive, so it is hard to figure out how, if all life is sacred and begins at conception, we can make the distinction that we are only talking about humans. The logic doesn't follow unless you think that humans are a special case. And the only way we get to be so special is because we and god say so.

  • No, It Is Not

    There is a world of difference between wishing to protect the life of an unborn child and eating meat. Humans are a tad higher on the food chain than farm animals, so there is no argument to be made that eating a slaughtered cow or pig is just as morally reprehensible as killing an unborn child.

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