• Dont ever eats cats or dog if you kill them i kill you.

    Its it illegal to to eat cats and dogs, it is animal cruelty. Anyone that eats dogs or cats you should be ashamed of yourself it is not right. Don't ever eat dogs or cats its nasty and so are you.If you eat dogs or cats I will eat you.

  • It is cruel

    Cats should not be eaten and the same goes for dogs. Dogs have rights too and it is just cruel to eat them up. They are better at being pets and of course they should not be a piece of meat. If you want to eat a cat or dog, then a pack of wolves or a pride of lions should eat you up instead.

  • YES and NO!

    I believe in animal rights, and ALL animal rights at that. Not just the cute one, or the cuddly one. ALL animals. So eating dogs could be excusable, but only if done HUMANLY, which I'm pretty sure won't happen.
    Secondly, pigs get slaughetered to, so whats the difference?! If you stop the pigs I will agree with you... But as long as you "love" animals and eat meat I will never support.

  • Should be able to Eat Dogs

    Dogs are an animal and people should have the right to eat dogs if they choose. People should not have the right though to slaughter dogs for food at least in the US because they are considered a house pet. Eating dogs is okay but slaughtering is not okay in the US.

  • This is all a part of culture.

    Some things in a culture may be harmful and immoral, but eating dogs is just like how Americans eat steak (beef). If your culture has a traditin of eating dogs, then there is no right for people of other cultures who regard dogs as pets to judge, simply because of different cultures and cultural views. Besides, making fun or judging someone else's culture because it seems weird to you can border on being racist and ignorant.
    For an example, if I come from a culture that has pigs as house pets rather than killing them for food, and I see that in your culture, people eat hot dogs and pork chops all the time, what would you say if I told you, "Eating pigs should be illegal! They're such cute, sociable animals! How can you eat them??!!" ? This applies to eating or not eating dogs.

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