• Independent and low-budget films serve as an incubator for aspiring talent.

    Many of Hollywood's most famous and talented actors, writers, and film directors got their start working on low-budget independent films. It is by starting out small, showing great talent despite limited coffers, that talented people in film gain recognition and opportunities to work on larger projects. Also, many supporters of low-budget film feel that those productions can reflect important segments of life far outside the "rich and famous" that would otherwise be overlooked by Hollywood.

  • Yes, Low budget films or movies should be supported.

    Yes, low budget films or movies should be supported by movie goers. I believe films or movies are a form of freedom of expression and certain ideas and concepts are better conveyed through short films or movies whether through popular social media or through cinema. Ultimately it is the message of the film or video that matters. Low budget films also open up opportunities for actors and actresses who are just starting out in the industry.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Arguably though the films studied here are so rare they don’t offer much of a template to aspiring filmmakers. For instance, getting an A- or even B-list actor on board may prevent your film from becoming among the most profitable, but it may also make it overwhelmingly more likely to break even, or not lose terrific quantities of cash.

  • I don't think it matters.

    Most of the popular films out there lately have had huge Hollywood budgets, and they have obviously done extremely well. I don't think it is important for a film to have a low budget. If a studio wants to spend money on famous actors and special effects, why can't they? It should be completely up to them.

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