• Yes, it is important to know the origin of phosphorus.

    I agree that it is important to know the origin of phosphorus. Phosphorus is one of the major elements on the periodic table of elements. It is essential for modern day production and manufacturing. Phosphorus also has an affect on the environment; both when being harvested and mined, and when being used in production.

  • Phosphorus shouldn't stay a mystery

    Phosphorous is an element that we know very little about. This should change: it is an element that occurs more frequently than we think, so we should know its origins and structure if we want to understand more about ourselves. Though it is not found as a free element on Earth because of its highly reactive nature, we need to know what its abilities are.

  • Yes, it is important to know the origin of phosphorus

    The history of phosphorus was discovered in in 1669 as it was distilled from human urine. The very biological story of mankind may exist in following this element. It is important to know man's origins as it exists mostly in human bones and may help to undercover our ancient story,

  • No, it is not important.

    Some people may need to know the origin f phosphorus, such us scientists and geogists, but the average, everyday person does not need to know the origin of phosphorus, unless they have an interest in it. It is more important to know things that effect you or you are interested in.

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