• Is it important to rebuild the tree population

    I think it's important because trees trap heat and carbon and make oxigen so we can breTh and we are always cutting down trees to make paper and other things and we are pulooting tha air and tres filter it out so if we stop cutting down trees the pollution in the air will get lesser and lesser aa d we will have pure and clean oxigen so we can live longer and we can gi be some animals a home like birds raccoons and possums and manny other almost exstink ed animals the oxigen wouldn't. Be. Clean and pure so that's why I thiink it's important to re build the tre poulTion

  • We still need to rebuild after logging

    It's important to replant trees in the many areas where they have been removed due to logging and other development. While sustainable logging practices do this as a matter of course, I doubt it's industry-standard. We've no doubt removed so many more tree than we have replaced, so there's still work to be done.

  • Trees keep us alive

    Not only do we need trees to create many products, we also require the oxygen released from trees to live and breathe. It is extremely important for trees to be replaced as they are torn down to promote life for the rest of the planet. There are plenty of spaces for trees to be planted.

  • Yes it is

    Of course it is important to rebuild the tree population. Trees are our greatest source of oxygen. Without oxygen we would be dead. For every tree we chop down we should at least replace twofold, just in case the tree does not grow. Without trees we would have no wood, no paper and no oxygen.

  • It is not important to rebuild the tree population

    It is not at all important to rebuild the tree population. We already have more than enough trees in our world. The Scare tactics used to lead people to believe we are running out of trees is nothing but that, scare tactics. The world was fine before people and it will be fine after people.

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