• It is important to learn about evolution

    It is important to understand how life was survived on earth earlier and to know how the life has changed from the earlier time to now. Also there are some creatures which have not changed thus is because when they are formed they are formed with a very updated life that is why they have not changed for example you can take cockroaches.

  • Yes, studying evolution is important.

    Yes, it is important to study evolution. Understanding how life adapts to its environment over time is important for understanding survival. Understanding genetic variances can also help with understanding the risks people have for different types of genetic conditions, such as Alzheimer's and others. Similarly, the evolutionary pathways of certain viruses and single-cell organisms are important to study to help control and stop the spread of diseases.

  • We need to know where we're going

    The study of evolution is vital. If we want to try and work out where we're going as a species, a collection of species, or indeed as an entire planet, we need to know where we've come from and the stages in the journey made this far. Although it probably won't ever become a precise science, evaluation of the progress any given species makes through evolution should give us a good idea of where that species is heading next. It's essential to at least make a stab at working it out, or humans could find themselves subjugated by another genus which may evolve to a higher level than ours!

  • It is important to study evolution.

    It is important to study evolution. Evolution and the theory of evolution helps us human beings understand the world better. From a biological perspective, it enables us to face biological problems and to solve several difficult and confusing cases. The knowledge of disease can better help us cope with illnesses and improve the quality of our life.

  • Evolution Study Should Continue

    Evolution studies in an educational setting has always been controversial and it goes without saying that it will continue to do so. It is important to continue to study evolution because it is a belief that people want to study the past and predict the future using what scientists have created as the model of evolution. Continuing to study and learn has had many scientists turn up new and interesting facts in the development of human growth and life stages.

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