• People would never accept it.

    Personally, I wish it were possible to ban guns, but I do not think it will ever be possible to ban guns in America due to the fact that they right to own them is in the constitution and all laws go back to the constitution. People would get too angry over it and throw a fit about how their constitutional rights are being violated.

  • It's against the basic constitutional rights.

    The founding fathers specifically stated in the constitution that all Americans have the right to bear arms, and any state or president trying to do so is breaking a very specific law. That's all the evidence I really need. To disclose some arguments, such as slavery as an example, the constitution stated that all men were created equal, so it was politicians and others who were in fault, but there were also no laws about slavery then and/or rights. There are now.

  • Yes it is impossible to ban guns in America.

    I think it is impossible to ban guns in this country mainly because this country was built on the fact that if the government was to get out of hand we would have our guns to protect us. I think weapons are needed but it needs to be in the hands of mentally stable people only.

  • It is impossible to ban guns.

    It's impossible to ban guns because even now people are using illegal guns to commit crimes, so even if guns were banned, it wouldn't make much difference to the criminals that use them. Also, what would become of the citizens that actually need guns? For example farmers, do they just use BB guns to scare away wild animals?

  • Gun Bans in America Are Possible

    If us humans try our hardest, anything is possible. Guns are taking the lives of too many innocent men, women, and children, so it's time we put a ban on the destructive weapon. The second ammendment was created at the time because there wasn;t enough protection against the Spanish and England. Now, we have a large police force to protect us, so put down your guns and walk away.

  • It is improbable, but not impossible.

    While I think it highly unlikely that guns will be banned in America, I do not think it is entirely impossible. I think the laws would need to be passed gradually, to slowly eliminate the number of weapons owned by private citizens, and I think the government would need to give very good reasons. I do not think it will happen without the gun lobby/NRA having politicians in their pocket.

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