Is it inappropriate for a girl to be showing her midriff?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Its very disgusting!

    Alright this is for smithj, I am commenting because I want to state my opinion. Apparently everyone here is just too stupid to realize that girls especially teen girls dont need to be showing off their body. Like seriously get some clothes that actually fit. Girls dont need to be worrying about their belly showing off to all the overage guys. You teen girls need to be focusing on your Education and not about how much off your body is showing off. Just get some appropriate clothing and get a good education. And if you are not a teen girl and you are like 30, there is no way in hell that you should be showing off your body. If you are then you definitely need to stop what your doing and grow up. I really hate the stupid people that think they need to be showing off their body just to get guys that are so much older then them looking at the girls body. Its disgusting!

  • It sure looks like they're almost about to show their private parts

    I completely agree with Emili. It's just sad how many girls today keep on showing off every part of their body. Girls should be modest and dignified and only show their bodies to that one special guy. Not to every single guy on this planet! I mean, what's the point, it's not like your going to marry every single guy, so why treat yourself like an object and not a person? You know what I never see. I never see a guy showing parts below their hip. I never see guys walking around in thongs. I never see guys stripping at strip bars. I never see guys walking around in booty shorts.

  • They should be shamed of themselves.

    Their sense of modesty that shames them doing that was deleted by artificiality and trained them to become machines of mass distraction against true happiness of other people and to make them shame of their own natural beauty. Women were trained to become more sexually attractive and men to become more ugly as possible.

  • Comparable to Shirtless Men

    I find myself comparing women with exposed midriffs to men without shirts. It's appropriate in some situations, such as swimming and running and other physically demanding activities, but I do not feel comfortable with a girl exposing her midriff in plain everyday clothing. Same goes for men without shirts. I understand, you're proud of your body and you want everyone to know that, but please, you're making some of us uncomfortable.

  • No it isn't

    I think it is perfectly fine for ANYONE to wear shirts. Even if they have have midriff. If you feel comfy in it then do it. If you are one who is against it then dont wear it and dont comment. Just dont pay attention. Leave the situation be. Ok?

  • Depends on the situation

    In certain circumstances it is, while others it is not. In situations such as job interviews, formal parties, etc. girls are not encouraged to expose their midriffs. If you're at the pool or beach, bare midriffs are acceptable. The real controversy is in schools; middle schools and high schools have dress codes, but that doesn't stop some people.

  • It's your choice.

    What women and girls wear is not an invitation to harassment, or criticism. It's your choice what to wear, nobody should have to worry about some guy walking up and being overly pushy simply because you were showing a little skin on a hot day. As a feminist, and a proud one, I say that there should be no body shaming or slut shaming for showing midriff or anything a girl wears. If guys can take their shirts off and walk around, why can't a girl show her midriff???

  • It's YOUR body!

    What you wear is NOT an invitation. Instead of body shaming and slut shaming girls and women and telling them what they can and can't wear, we should be teaching boys and men to respect ALL women, no matter what they choose to wear. We should not be sexualising the bodies of young girls and if its not your body it's not your decision!!

  • Yes, why not?

    I don't see anything wrong with this dress style. I think it is beautiful, although it is clearly not appropriate during winter. But in summer I'd like to see more people with this dress style. It isn't as popular as it used to be. But I see it as a decent way for girls to dress.

  • What's wrong with my stomach?

    I seriously don't get what's so striking about the stomachs of girls. Everyone has stomachs and infant society says its completely acceptable for men to go shirtless so why can't girls show a little stomach to? I thinks it's odd that people always tell girls to love add be comfortable with there bodies but then to hide them away.

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