Is it normal for humans to be sexually attracted to animals?

  • Yes always

    Who the hell is attracted to animals. Birds do not mate with lions, and lions do not mate with horses. This is because biologically, species should be attracted to their own species, or things close to its own. A lion and a tiger can mate, because there species are similar, but that's just like a black and a white person mating. A human being should not in any way be attracted to animals, and should get a mental check up if they are.

  • Normal or not, what really matters is how it affects yourself and your environtment

    Nobody is perfect. A vast majority of the human poblation have mental problems, some more severe than others. It doesn't matter how odd your fetish or your mental problem is; if you can control it, and if it doesn't have a negative impact on your life and if you avoid becoming obsessed to it (to avoid negative feelings), then it will exist only in your head and won't cause harm to anyone, including yourself.
    Almost nobody will feel comfortable by being attracted to animals, but don't feel guilty, because nobody is given the chance to choose what to like and what not to like. Just learn to live with it. Remember this: what makes a good man is not how pure he is; its his determination to control his own evil.

  • Sexual affection towards animals

    We are animals as well as other animals we are just a more intelligent version to intelligent for our own good and it is perfectly normal for us to be attracted to an animals as animals are to us my dog was attracted to me every time i striped to get into the shower he got an erection and tired to hump me it is perfectly normal and fine and it cannot be changed no amount of electroshock therapy and beating and socials workers can change this i will admit i am attracted to animals so whats the difference

  • Yes, its perfectly fine.

    You don't see anyone yelling at people for liking NASCAR, do you? So what if someone is? Their not you, not everyones a perfect asshole who critics others on what they like. So honestly all you people out there that think this is a disorder, go kill yourself. Liking something is not a crime.

  • Technically yes it is normal.

    The meaning of something that is normal is practically the popular opinion that is held within a society. Just because you don't follow the social norm, does not mean that it can't be normal. The only reason why sexual attraction towards animals is taboo is because animals can't verbally consent to sexual intercourse. Like, they can consent with body language, but that is mostly only understood by their own species or other biological grouping. If animals were actually able to say yes on their own terms, there wouldn't be a problem with bestiality. But animals are getting smarter, just like we are, and the only thing too really kick things off would to start training mass groups of animals and breeding only the smartest ones so eventually, they can reach the intellectual capacity of humans. Then people will start dating animals, and then we will want bestial marriage, then a bunch of angry people will start spreading propaganda across the net because they can't accept the growth of civilisation. In other words, no it is not technically weird to be sexually attracted to animals, we just do not allow it to be normal... For now at least.

  • Yes it is

    I know of a person who is but have never been weird about it and just studied that animal for a long time. They would never harm the animal and only want it as a pet. The animal is odd but it is cute please don't be mean to people like this

  • Unfortunately it can be

    This is an extremely hard question to answer but I think human attraction to animals varries between that person's attitude, preference so on. As someone else said, if you are attracted to an animal, by nature, humans are usually attracted to other humans but hormone activity could play a role in it. If you are attracted to...Let's say a horse for example I mean you didn't really CHOOSE to say "Hey, I think I'll be attracted to a horse." It just happened, if you find yourself attracted to a horse and wonder where it came from, I believe there's the hormones to blame and because it is hormones you can't really control hormones. (if that were the case teenagers would have a much peaceful second decade of life:D) I admit it, I find myself attracted to horses, disturbing isn't it? So if you are attracted to an animal as said, you're going to like that animal and there's not anything you can do.

  • Yes in a way

    I believe that this question is not necessarily pointing at a "desire to have sex with", but more a "feeling of arousal upon seeing said animal". I think it is more common than one may think, to feel aroused, when observing certain animals. I especially feel aroused when I see other animals mating....But I would never think of trying to mate with one.. That would be strange.

  • Species mate with other species

    So if we are a different species then why is it wrong to get it on with another animal? You see dogs having sex with cats and people don't worry about that. We are animals too. Many people think that it is abnormal but is a monkey having sex with a dog abnormal?

  • It's weird, but true sadly.

    It depends on how often you are around animals, when I was little I was home schooled and had no friends because my neighbors liked to bully me.
    So my only real friend at the time was my several dogs, and my family.
    But I ended up growing to be a intelligent child, got into reading and physics and astronomy.
    I also got severely interested in animals.
    I wanted to grow up to be a vet, and I was and still am talented in design and writing.
    But sometimes...
    That creativity can get into your head,

    Then, soon I moved into the country, more alone then ever, but it was better than being bullied every day, right?
    I had my dogs, we started having a farm.
    I got 5 cats, some horses, chickens and a goat.
    Everything was great, but then one of my cats decided I was the best person they ever saw, and had a erection near me...
    At first, I was extremely flustered and confused, but soon I came into puberty and was starting to see the whole thing differently, and my hormones wen't crazy around him because he was the unusual cat that would spend his time licking you, and sleeping on you or next to you.
    And my hormones decided to make me think it was seductive.
    And things continued to go down from there.
    Of course, here I am now, trying to see if there is something I can do about it.
    But I guess I'm kind of hopeless until people start to be nicer to me.

  • No attraction to animals is not normal

    It is not normal for humans to be sexually attracted to animals. If you are sensing that attraction you may be surrounding yourself too much with animals and not with humans. You should only feel a sexual attraction towards other humans. Anything else simply can't be considered to be natural.

  • Statistically No Unless Everyone's Lying

    Most people would say they are not attracted to animals. Therefore it is by definition not normal. I could comment on whether or not I think bestiality is right or wrong or whether attraction to animals is a healthy thing but the question is about normality and not any of these other things.

  • No, but

    Who defines normal? It's defined as "the typical state of condition." Thus, what the majority of people in your community do, is by definition normal, like an average. However, then, what is your community? Many Asians, who make out the largest portion of the world populace, eat stuff Westerners would not consider eating. However, since perhaps a simple majority of people on the Earth do eat those things, it's by definition normal, even though the loud Western world would disagree. Then, also, your community can just be limited to your house. It can even go as far as the outer reaches of the universe or EVERYTHING. Thus, this question, in my opinion, is not answerable. Rather, within what I view as "my community" (i.e. the people of the Earth), it's not normal. That can change in a decade, a century, or a millennia, but for now, it's not normal.

  • No way is it normal

    There is no physicial/biological reason for humans to be sexually attracted to animals. We should feel kindness and empathy towards pets, but this should not lead to physical attraction or sexual arousal of any kind. Being kind towards animals and 'loving' them are two very different things, and I don't think it is normal behavior. I would have to categorize bestiality as a sex crime similar to pedophilia - sexual assault / predatory behavior towards beings that are unable to properly say no or defend themselves.

  • No basis for it.

    The basis of sexual attraction is the desire to reproduce, and humans cannot reproduce with other species, so there is no basis for sexual attraction, normally. While I'd normally be all for letting people do what they want sexually, this kind of thing is usually cruel to the animal: odds are, even if the human is attracted, the animal is not, and it's just sexual abuse, then.

  • No it is not normal for humans to be sexually attracted to animals

    However the idea of normal is a very relative thing. What I may find totally fine and normal for my life, you might not for yours, and vice versa. It is all dependent on the person. From a society standpoint to be sexually attracted to animals may not be normal. but for them it is, it is their lives, it is their story in the grand scheme. So I don't think it's normal for humans to be sexually attracted to animals on a global level, but.......I think normal is defined by the person in the end as well.

  • It is not normal.

    No, it is not normal for humans to be sexually attracted to animals. It is not a natural thing to find animals attractive, they do not carry any traits that humans would be able to connect with to develop feelings of attraction. They cannot speak, nor can they show their emotions. Humans do not have the ability to have things in common with animals that would foster a relationship or attraction.

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Anonymous says2013-08-12T11:48:34.263
I really do understand where both sides are coming from. If the animal can't say yes, is it consensual? But in my opinion isn't zoophilia just like bisexuality, homosexuality and ect? If the human is causing harm to the animal, yes it should be stopped, the animal should not be considered as just some 'sex toy'. But some people really do have a loving bond with there animals. Some people may say the bible condemns this, but the bible also states slavery is ok and that fathers can sell there daughters. I admit I was very shocked at first, but my friend who is into zoophilia talked me through it, and afterwards I felt a little more comfortable with the situation.