• Traditions were made to be broken in my opinion and this is no exception here.

    I get it, there are those of you who feel that traditions are exceedingly important, but traditions evolve over time and this one is evolving even as I speak.

    The tradition of a love proposal as is seen today, like virtually every other tradition between a man and woman, has roots in romantic chivalry. I'm all for a guy dropping to his knee with an ultra-expensive ring in hand to declare his undying love to his whomever, don't get me wrong, but it's freaking 2017 people. Things that were once considered taboo back in days gone by, like women taking more active roles in business and in government, homosexual rights, and even the Kaepernick protests in the NFL against minority suffering at the hands of police, are the norm now. So tell me why it is that a girlfriend can't propose her love to her partner?

  • Love matters there

    Love, doesn't matter whether you are a girl or a boy, anyone can do what her/his heart wants, if a girl is in love with a certain boy then she is free to go ahead and ask him out, and love is something that you cant control, unless you can manage it,

  • Propose or pursue?

    I do not think proposing is the difficult part, pursuing is. It takes time, efforts and emotional emotional energy to pursue somebody. Jobs, relationships, achievements and everything that is of value needs a lot of commitment to make happen. And this is where life is beginning to get difficult for the modern man. While both men and women have an equal stake in a relationship, expecting the men to be always in charge is both unfair and retrogressive. Hope women and feminists will agree with me on this one.

  • Yes everyone should do what they want

    There should be no pressure that says a boy has to propose to the girl. If the girl is confident and in love then propose to the boy. Living by everyone else's standards will keep you from ever fully enjoying life. Everyone should be free to make their own choices.

  • Well of course it is.

    Really, I don't see any issue at all with this. If a woman is in love with person she's going out with, and wants to propose to him and marry him, I can't see any rational reason at all why she shouldn't do so. The fact that it's 'tradition' for men to propose to women isn't really important at all, and things like that shouldn't really be taken into account when deciding what, if any, romantic actions you and your loved ones take.

  • Of course it's okay

    In fact I shudder to think of all the instances of women wanting to get married but the guy won't propose.

    The origin of the tradition of male only proposals comes from the fact that a woman's father was supposed to provide a dowry, if a woman could propose she could give it away at will which means her father might as well just give her the money. It's part of the 'family must approve first' mentality since women are perceived as leaving their birth family and joining another one.

  • Why should it matter?

    If two people love each other, and the girl wants to propose, it should be her right. Is it different? Yes. That's because that's what society has said. This is just like asking if it's okay to ask a guy out. It's fine, because there is no written law that a girl can't ask a guy. Before you say it's an unspoken rule, they don't truly exist, society made them up.

  • Change the tradition

    Although it is commonplace in our current society for the man to propose, I think that it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to propose. Men are usually seen as the ones that confirm the love by requesting marriage, as women usually state their dedication throughout the relationship, through ultimatums or such. But it's time for it to be more flexible.

  • Another Equal Rights Standpoint?

    Of course it is just alright for a girl to propose to a boy. Is it socially in the norms? No. Is it something that is illegal or highly offensive? Of course not. It is almost like how people looked at interracial marriage twenty-something years ago. People are not going to be offended by it, but it is highly controversial as it not exactly a normal thing.

    Women have been getting more and more in the roles of men, and it really is highly pointless for them to wait for the man to propose. It may not seem "right" to some people, but even if chivalry is an act of argument, it doesn't really make sense.

  • Why should every human relationship be a repeat of the last?

    If a woman likes a man, proposal is okay. It's not the 1950s anymore. The girl proposing the guy is no different from a taller girl marrying a shorter guy, or interracial marriage, or (more recently) gay marriage. Not normal, but not wrong, either.

    Remember, we're humans, not animals. Humans are naturally inclined to be flexible. It is in our nature. There aren't (and shouldn't be) any fixed mating rituals.

    If human relationships are "Studied", the findings will be difficult to analyse. Why? Because everyone has a different "mating call," a different "mating term", and a different "mating dance."

    Do you really want life to keep repeating itself, with no room for variation?

  • It's sorta awkward to see

    Like usually, when a boy proposes to a girl, it looks all romantic and cute. But, when it's the opposite, I, personally find it awkward to see. So what is the girl supposed to do when she proposes. Put a fancy ring on the man's hand? Also, wouldn't the boy find it weird to find it happen to him?

  • Love matters there

    Love, doesn't matter whether you are a girl or a boy, anyone can do what her/his heart wants, if a girl is in love with a certain boy then she is free to go ahead and ask him out, and love is something that you cant control, unless you can manage it,

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