Is it okay for parents to purchase war toys for their kids?

  • I think it's OK

    When I was younger I had a water gun and so did all my friends.The boys in my class all had nerf guns and they were obsessed. We all knew about war and how our toys were totally different from the real ones. On one hand we were more used to seeing weapons and things like that but if we were handed a real one every single one of us would know strait away that we shouldn't shoot.

  • War toys are awesome!

    Blaming actual violence on war toys is really the lazy parents way of skirting their own responsibility for teaching their child right from wrong. How about we start allowing boys to act like boys instead of some weird, androgynous, fantasy that fem-nazis have for men? And also, video games that have violence in them can't all be grouped together. Yes, some games are not appropriate for children, but that does mean that games with guns are all created equal.

  • It is not okay

    Everyone is different, and when they receive the physical, emotional and mental connections with the violent toy or object they put them in action towards other people and also kids aint dumb these days!! They aee clever and if it means to hurt or harm someone, blame the toy and parent.

  • War toys are acceptable!

    Have you heard of the school shootings? Many of these incidents have been inclined with war toys and parents teaching their children to play with guns. This is false. War toys are not the things that make students want to shoot someone. In fact Shootings could be reduced from war toys. If you teach a child never to play with such things he or she will never learn how they could harm people or damage anything. While if you teach them to use them respectively they will know not to use them.

  • Parent should buy toys for their kids that promote violence.

    Playing with these sorts of toys benefits the child as it teaches them how to play with their imagination and it also teaches them good life skills such as being sportsmanlike, improving their coordination and understanding the difference between play and reality. These toys are not dangerous if parents are supervising their kids. Most fatal accidents come from toys such as trikes, bikes and the inhalation of balloons. Remember, it is not the toy that is dangerous, every toy is tested and has to meet standards and regulations. It is the way the child plays with the toy that may make it dangerous.

  • Toys are only part of the problem.

    Media is another problem and so is parent guidance. If a parent guides their child well, owning these toys will be fine. Banning these toys will not get rid all the influences on children. They can still see violence through media, which is much more realistic. If the toys are banned, they will only want them more.

  • Yes it is!!!!!

    Children need to learn that FAKE guns are exactly that FAKE. What if your Mum or Dad are in the army/Police Force. Most of them carry guns around all day everyday. Parents need to understand that Guns can be dangerous if they teach their children the dangers the children will understand the affects it has on them. :) :) :)

  • I think that whether we agree with it or not its not our choose whether parents buy their children war toys or not

    Parents decide for themselves if they think this action is right or wrong, I strongly believe yes it is fine because you will be teaching your children responsibility and how they go about it. No matter what school you go to and no matter what childhood you've had at some point your going to find out about war and what really happened back in those days, an actually it is still happening in the world right now. It is better that children start to realise that the world isn't a perfect place and these sorts of things do happen everywhere.

  • I think it is fine, as long as parents purchase war toys for their children because it is a way to allow them to let off steam and stimulate imagination.

    War toys are accused of encouraging violent behavior, the same way that violent video games were accused of doing the same. However, a parent has a right to choose what is appropriate and inappropriate for their child, and they have a responsibility to teach them the difference between imagination and reality. War toys stimulate a child's imagination, help them form problem-solving strategies, and are a better way for them to let off steam, rather than actual violence.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • There is no harm in purchasing war toys for children, because they can't be kept in the dark forever.

    As hard as one may try to purchase toys that are not violent, a little child will make up "guns", using their hands or natural found objects, anyway. The point is that children need to be taught to shoot at targets, not people, and use their toys in a respectable manner. This is where the problem lies, and not within the purchase of the toys themselves.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Absolutely NOT okay at all, teaches violence

    It is so upsetting to me that many parents let their kids play with war such as war toys, war video games, and watch war TV and films starting at especially very young ages. For a worst case example, there is this grotesquely popular anti-Star Trek sci-fi gaming franchise called Halo and despite this being rated M for mature for ages 17 and up. Sadly however, many parents let their kids play this ghastly deep space military game as very young ages like only 7 years old. Furthermore, Halo toys are rated for only ages 8 and up. Star Trek is a far better thing to show to children than Halo since it often teaches alternatives to violence. War Toys like G.I. Joe and War games like Halo teach that the best way to solve conflicts is always through violence and teaches boys how to hate and beat up on effeminate boys for example. The U.S> Army has used Halo X Box events to recruit youth to fight and die for the MIC.

  • No it's not OK at all

    This is not OK because it could encourage children to play with real guns. Or they could pick up a real gun and think it's fake and really hurt someone. And if they play with guns or weapon toys they might pretend to hurt someone and then think it's play if they actually DO hurt someone.

    Posted by: upch
  • It could turn out badly.

    I think it would be bad because some kids are violently crazy and their parents wouldn't care at all.So I think that it is not OK to give kids fake guns or fake swords because they could grow up and could kill someone and then go to jail. So don't give little kids guns(even if they are fake).

  • Parents should not buy war toys.

    Parents should not buy war toys for their children because children can get toy guns mistaken with real guns. Plus little kids can bring toy guns to kindergarten and mistake them with real ones, pretend to shoot and they can shoot little kids with real ones and they will be dead.

  • Giving children war toys is lazy and irresponsible parenting

    The arguments that war toys help children to "let off steam", stimulates their imagination, and teach them to problem-solve are ridiculous and dangerous... there are healthy and ethical activities that allow children to use their energy, such as, riding bikes or skating, swimming, climbing trees, team sports, dancing, acting... these activities will also increase their spacial intelligence, improve balance and coordination, strengthen their bodies... want your child to learn problem solving solving? give them construction toys like meccano's "build and play" go on instructables website and find projects to build.. reading books, encouraging them to write their own stories, making art, learning to play music instruments, these are activities that will nurture their imagination as well as science experiments.. There is plenty of violence around, it's impossible to shield it but we can discuss issues around violence with our kids at appropriate times. WHY encourage more violence in your own home? War is not a biological human need, it's been scientifically proven. Teach yourselves and your kids about human rights and empathy.

  • Killing is not a game

    War toys teach that pretend-war is harmless and acceptable, and therefor that real war is, too. Parents who would not let their children "play" rape and sexual assault games (one hopes) turn a benevolent eye on preparing their children to kill or be killed. It hardly seems in line with the other things we try to teach children about good, healthy human behavior: violence is wrong. Might does not make right. Killing is wrong. Use your words, not your fists. War toys give children the idea that violence is sanctioned by the adults around them, as there is an industry making these toys, so "it must be okay". Children exposed to war, living under the threat of violence daily, are something to be taken seriously. Money spent on war toys would be far better spent if it were donated to organizations that help the victims of war and which promote world peace.

  • Current toys and video games are creating a more hostile play environment.

    While parents can purchase whatever toys they want for their children, I think a little forethought would be worthwhile to consider the kind of play that will ensue.

    Posted by: WomanlyArnulfo99
  • I don't think children should play with war toys, due to their violent nature.

    No, I don't think children should play with war toys, or any violent toy/video game, because the child could grow up thinking that it's alright to act the way they do in the games/with the toys, when it's not.

    Posted by: NollBad
  • Kids should not have war toys

    Why would we get war toys anyway we could just have Iphones or Ipods. Why would you buy a stupid war toy? You can't really play with them, and when you do it is not fun. War toys just make you more violent because you have a toy that was used to kill people.

  • It will hurt social life

    Kids will become very obsessed with these toys and they will try to be like them an in the processes hurting them and others around them. They will also not become social and not study as they will be completely immersed in these toys and never have friends and do what they want to do.

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