Is it okay for sneakers to be worn without socks?

Asked by: corncake21
  • It is okay.

    The reason why I think it is okay for sneakers to be worn without socks is that lots of people already do it anyway, especially women. Women wear flats, moccasins, TOMS, pumps, and slip-ons, all without socks. All of them are closed-toe. That's not all, though. They do wear like actual sneakers without socks.

  • No, in my opinion it's wrong to not wear socks with tennis shoes.

    I was raised to wear socks and/or nylon with shoes for hygiene. The only exception was flip flops. I feel today's youth had no guidance and now have no moral compass. People are disgusting (fungus, wart, bacteria, virus, dirt, bugs,etc.) and can't see or smell for themselves. People learn by watching others and if role models dont wear socks, then everybody better be trendy. I'm glad they still cater to some modesty with hid a nylon mini sleeves for dress shoes. Thankfully fashion is cyclic, I just noticed models wearing opaque tights, and ugly socks with high heels.

  • No it is not ok

    It is really really gross and then your feet start to smell and then everbody gets mad cause your fett smell really bad. Also you can get really bad blister and foot fungus. It is just a bad situation. I would reccomoend very strongly to wear socks when you wear sneakers.

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