• Yes, we must abide by laws within our country, just or unjust, though we can work to change them.

    It can be subjective, whether a law is just or unjust. For example, if a starving person steals food from a food pantry, we may feel that the law is unjust in prosecuting them. But we must abide by our country's code of conduct, or we are breaking the law. The United States has relatively fair laws, and if we disagree with them there are legal ways to go about trying to change them. Breaking them, however, is not justified.

  • Sometimes You Just Accept Things You Can't Change

    Sometimes it is necessary for a society to accept things you can't change for the greater good. Picking your battles is important with regards to priorities. Accepting unjust laws means there are other things going on--it is more important for me to provide for my family rather than protest a ban on gay marriage. Although I feel gays should be allowed to marry, I don't have the passion to try to change laws because I have kids to feed.

  • Laws are there for a reason

    There is no fair and just reason to break laws regardless of your opinion of them. The government puts laws in place for a reason, and if you feel that you can pick and choose which laws to abide and which to not, what is to stop you from picking and choosing to disregard a law such as the law against murder.

  • It is not okay to accept unjust laws.

    It is not okay to accept unjust laws. Each year about 300 new laws are passed each year in the United States. As of 2012 there will be 40,000 new laws going into effect. Some of the
    laws concern abortion, gays, employment and even golf carts. If we accept every law that they place on the books then it would be illegal to leave your residence before long.

  • Unjust laws are unjust.

    People should not accept unjust laws. The legality of a thing does not decide the morality of it. If it were a law to treat each other like trash then I believe people would want to not follow it. So in that way I think that unjust laws should not be followed.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe it is okay to accept unjust laws. I think as a nation, we spend too much time making up laws that are useless or far too restrictive. We need to remember that we're suppose to be free and have freedom here. I think we should fight back against all of the unjust laws.

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