• Who You Are.

    Yes, it is perfectly okay to be gay. Why have we become so un-accepting? All that we should wish for others is that they are happy, how they choose to achieve their happiness is not any of our business. So what? Someone is different than you, welcome to the world. Have a little respect.

  • Yes, it is perfectly natural.

    Homosexual behavior has been evident throughout the animal kingdom, including humans, for a long time. Gay people are not harming anyone else by being gay, and no one should be bothered by what two consenting adults do sexually. The prohibitions against being gay are primarily religious in nature, but no one should impose their religion on others.

  • The Right to Pursuit Happiness

    There was some principals put in place in the U.S, or "The Melting Pot". The Right to life, liberty and pursuit happiness. They have the right to do what the want in their life. If they make that choice, they have the right to pursuit their happiness. They also have the right of liberty, which means that they have the power to act on it. There is nothing you can do about it. If they want to do it, they can. It doesn't matter about what you want, it is about what they want.

  • Many animals have been shown to be gay

    In the animal kingdom homosexuality is completly natural, studies show that a lot of species do it. It is proven that all male dolphins are bisexual, and there are a lot of gay sheep. Its completely natural. That is my explanation for why its okay to be gay. That was all.

  • It is moral

    -No one is hurt
    -Its a choice to act on being gay, being gay is not
    -No one is negatively affected

    I knew a kid when we were 8 and I could tell he was gay, he was disowned by his parents and ridiculed by his peers. He obviously did not choose to be gay. You don't chose who you're attracted to.

  • For sure for sure

    I'm just gonna look at the religion aspect here. Basically a lot of people's argument for hating gay people is that the Bible says that it's not ok. However, you cant take something from a culture 2000 years ago and make it relevant in today's society. The Bible also says that you cant eat pork, along with a lot of other insane stuff, that people do all the time nowadays.

  • Its super normal

    People Like who they like. If the bible says that it's not okay, the bible is wrong. Even if it does say that and it is correct for Christians, people can't pick and choose their sins. There are many stupid things in the bible. The bible says that it's okay to rape but its not ok to steal? What's with that?

  • Gay is fabulous

    There are so many judgemental people but at the end of the day, love is love. It is personal to each and every person and we should respect that.... Lbgt+ support. I'm not sure if this is really debate standard but here we go. There are lots of people who don't agree with it but oh well that's their opinion but it is natural and people don't get to chose if they are gay. Have you ever seen anyone go, hmm i am going to be gay today, why not? The answer is no you haven't so stop hating...

  • It is okay

    We can't stop people from loving each other, I don't have a crush on a girl and everyday people ask me if I'm gay, I say I don't like a girl like that but I can't stop how I feel or how others feel about others, I can't just say, being gay is bad, I'm a Christian but I can't agree with everything in the bible

  • Of course it is!

    People are allowed to love whoever they want to. Nothing should restrict them. Unless someone is forcing you to be gay then you have no right to say that others don't deserve love. I don't care what religion says because that's irrelevant in this debate. As they say, if you don't like it, don't look at it.

  • NP it is not Ok

    Gay is not who you are, it is a lifestyle that you chose, they could just go marry a women at will or be alone all their life at will, they chose to marry a man, your lifestyle choice is not who you are, it is who you chose to be, and being tempted to do evil does not clear you to do it

  • Biologically, and logically it isn't

    Listen, I have friends who are gay and stuff and I'm still friends with them but after thinking it through, it's pretty much guaranteed that being gay is a choice. I can't think of anyway to contadict my argument so if you can, please tell me. From an evolutionary stand point, there can be no "gay gene". Throughout all of history, gays have either been persecuted (and killed) or if that did not happen, there was still no way for them to pass on their genes. Although they may not have diminished immediately since some gays might've had no other choice but to reproduce with the opposite sex, but eventually this "gay gene" would've disappeared. Also, if their was a "gay gene" it would've most likely been discovered as a gene determing SEXUAL ORIENTATION is quite important and most likely would've been reseached intensively. However, this is not the case as still to date, no "gay genes" have been discovered. I'm not here to say that if your gay, it's due to a mental aspect. Nonononono. If you truly believe that you are what you are, great. You be you. But from the looks of things, you probably made a choice to love someone of your sex, not because you were born that way, but becaus you chose to. Of course, this is the case until someone proves me wrong which could be highly possible. If your gay, don't take this offensively but consider and try, just once, to see if you are straight

  • All love is ok?

    The most popular argument for pro homosexuality is any type of love is ok but do u people realize just how messed up saying that is? Many forms of love arn't moraliy ok and some are even illegal. You can't do what ever you want no matter what our messed up culture tells you.

  • There's a difference...

    While many people state that it is "perfectly natural", there is a big difference between a homosexual act, and being homosexual. Many animals have been documented as exhibiting a homosexual act but not being truly homosexual. You see many of these animals later go on to breed with a heterosexual partner. Why? Because its natural. If we labeled everyone who does something "homosexual" why the whole world would be gay!

  • Gay is gay, which is gay

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