• It can be

    Litter can include a whole bunch of things, including biodegradable items such as orange peel, paper bags and other similar items. Dropping such items is not harmful, and may even be beneficial to the environment in that they can be degraded into compost, or eaten by animals.
    Some animals are also known to use non-biodegradable litter to build nests.

  • The definition of litter is needed.

    As a previous voter stated, litter often includes things which most do not see as litter.I live in an unincorporated area where trees, weeds, grasses, shrubs, and even wild animals go through their entire cycle, including decomposition. That is not litter. I do believe the side of the road should not be littered with wrappers, diapers, cans, etc.

  • Are You Joking?

    Littering not only devalues our communities and encourages other types of vandalism like graffiti, fly-tipping, and dog-fouling, it also causes substantial damage to land and aquatic ecosystems. 50% of litter is cigarette butts, which take 10+ years to break down and are often eaten by animals. The toxins in the butts work their way up the food chain and end up accumulating in larger organisms, essentially poisoning them. What seems like one tossed trash-bag or one cigarette butt at the end of the day adds up. 1.9 billion tons of litter are cleaned up each year, which costs the US $10.5 Billion. A lot of that ends up in oceans, and guess what--only 250 million tons are actually thrown away each year, meaning 1.65 billion more tons of trash are being littered than ACTUALLY thrown in the trash. What's more important, saving yourself carrying trash for 12 more seconds, or saving the planet?

  • It is definitely no Ok to litter

    Because some people throw litter on the environment and that effects our community and if u throw food scraps (Mandarin skins, apple cores) i think that is not Ok well in some reasons it is but it still damages the environment i think the government should do something about it

  • Hurts the environment.

    Littering hurts the environment. We need to take good care of Earth because it is our only home so far. And even if we do colonize many planets in space, that still does not give us a good reason to litter. We need to take care of everything and of our community, because of we take care of the planet, there will be many good things to come.

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