• Pigeons, ducks, quail, doves, etc. taste great and it is very sporting to hunt them.

    Man is at the top of the food chain; we therefore can hunt anything we want that is legal. Pigeons are legal in

    That's the last of them. Five dozen SNM full body pigeon decoys, stand poised as the morning sun just started to top the eastern horizon. If you are one of the many people that have never pigeon hunted, or decoyed pigeons, you need to wake up and smell the gun smoke. Pigeon shooting is no new thing, across the pond Europeans have been hunting pigeons, and using pigeon decoys for years. Hunting pigeons here in the US has been kept under a tight lip for way too long. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of guys who know the thrill of killing a hundred or two hundred pigeons in an afternoon. The only reason hunting pigeons hasn't caught on like in Europe and South America , is because these guys who are doing it, just aren't saying a word about it. I'm not talking about shooting pigeons out of your neighbor's barn; I'm talking about setting decoys and having them lite in groups of fifty or more. Pigeons decoy better than ducks, actually when you consistently kill pigeons, you will find that ducks are just plain slow. Here at Soar No More, we have taken pigeon shooting, and pigeon hunting to a new level. Producing the most cutting edge pigeon decoys, and now offering European Wood Pigeon decoys, we have the tools for your next addiction. We are convinced that once you put out your first spread of pigeon decoys, and top your first hundred in a afternoon and watching your young retriever crash in the kennel in the back of the truck because she just retrieved one hundred plus birds back to back, you will be hooked. And don't blame us if the next time your duck hunting buddies have some hot spot lined up they call... And they find you hunting pigeons.
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    Pigeon Hunting is legal in Romania.

    Wing Shooting in Bolivia, Hunting in Bolivia, Bolivia Doves and Pigeons

    Only a 6 hour flight from Miami to Santa Cruz. A 50 minute charter flight to the hunting lodge, a short drive and you are in some great Pigeon Shooting.


    Outfitter Ryan McCollum knows the quality of service needed to make a first class hunting trip with great shooting and is now offering a HOT new pigeon shooting adventure in Bolivia for those who love to shoot pigeons.There are many Mennonite farms in this area harvesting corn, sorghum, and peanuts. ItÕs like a candy store for pigeons.

    The advantages of hunting in Bolivia is there are no visas needed to enter the country, there is no other outfitter in the area shooting pigeons, and there are millions of pigeons. Bolivia is a hassle free country, entering with your own guns is never a problem. It is a very friendly country and tourist are very welcome.

  • Pigeons need to be controlled.

    Pigeons are everywhere, and always in the way. I don't see where shooting them is going to be a big deal. I would feel differently about an endangered species, but, pigeons are not at that place. I'm not saying we should just shoot pigeons at will, but one or two wouldn't be a big deal.

  • Pigeons are birds.

    Birds are animals and are dirty. They should not be treated like humans. I was brought up shooting pigeons with my father at the barn down the road. It was a enjoyable experience for me and taught me how to shoot. It also taught me how to respect the animals by making sure they were dead when they were shot. The farmers also liked that we shot them to keep the barns clean.

  • Pidgeon's should be controlled

    Ever heard of flying rats?
    "Most of the people love pigeons and are enthralled by their ability to fly and admire the many sizes, shapes and colors they come in. But some of their species, especially feral pigeons also referred to as "flying rats" or "rats with wings"; bring trouble when they take up residence in or on structures used by humans. This is largely because pigeons carry the same number of germs and viruses that rats do but also because they tend to settle in one area and prove to be almost impossible to get rid of pigeon via conventional means. Pigeons are responsible for the spread of several parasites and pathogens harmful to people. There's also the health risk of bacteria, fungi and parasites that live and grow in their droppings, which can carry and transmit any of 60 known diseases. Even the fleas, mites and ticks that bury themselves in pigeons can carry a number of diseases. Among them are diseases such as Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis, and to name a few. A pigeon dropping not only gives off smell but can cause diseases related to respiratory system and skin.

    In addition, Pigeon feces are unsightly, corrosive and responsible for millions of dollars in structural damage every year. Pigeons spread disease through their feces and harbor disease-carrying parasites on their bodies and in their nests that can migrate into homes. They will readily take up residence in any structure they see as conducive to nest building and raising a brood. It is their habit of nesting and living near humans that makes pigeons such a dangerous menace."

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  • It is cruel and degenerate

    Pigeons should not be shot at all no matter what. I do not care for those idiots who call them "rats with wings" and are determined to destroy every last bird because there are too many of them. Humans have ruined this planet a million times more that the wood or rock pigeon could ever do. It is disgusting that someone would shoot and take another life, just for the fun of it. SUPPORT PIGEON RIGHTS!

  • Equality for all

    The life is same for all. It may contradict with what Darwin called survival of the Fittest but just for fun, it is not good to shoot pigeon. In an extreme case when the whole life is going to be finished, at that time it may sound meaningful. Also, shooting is the game for practicing your target and how fare is it to take others life just for fun?

  • No it is not okay.

    If you shoot pigeons for sport it will be cruel and if you do shoot there will be no more pigeons. Also pigeons are part of nature so it will not be okay to shoot pigeons for sport. If you keep shooting them they might become extinct. So I think it is not okay to shoot pigeons for sport.

  • It is NOT okay to shoot pigeons for sport.

    No matter how annoying birds can be, it still is not right to shoot them for sport. If you are shooting them to feed your family, that is one thing. However, to shoot any living creature for your own personal enjoyment is morally wrong. You should shoot clay skeets instead.

  • It's no ok to hunt anything for sport

    Hunting should be done for food if ever. Killing animals for fun and sport is a lame act of cruelty that only degenerates enjoy. Pigeons really deserve better. They are not a pest and they don't carry disease. People who believe that should use Google to read more about it. And if it is needed, the population control of the pigeons can be done in a less cruel way. We pride ourselves to be superior and have a moral code, but hunting for sport really proves the opposite.

  • Respect for life

    I agree with those who say that it is immoral to kill just for fun. Killing for food and humane ways of population control are different than killing for sport. Maybe we shouldn't feed the pigeons, but we shouldn't be cruel either.
    Read newberry honor book Wringer for a sensitive take on this topic.

  • Respect for life

    I agree with those who say that it is immoral to kill just for fun. Killing for food and humane ways of population control are different than killing for sport. Maybe we shouldn't feed the pigeons, but we shouldn't be cruel either.
    Read newberry honor book Wringer for a sensitive take on this topic.

  • Not sporting to be called hunting.

    I am a real hunter--dove. There have plenty of days when we don't shoot any because they are not flying. That's life and hunting, not slaughtering caged birds. I have seen these type "hunters" on quail farms. They have a certain number of hours to bag their limit. They can't afford not to. They will shoot the quail on the ground like chickens if necessary. I was embarrassed to be there. I have a better idea for these people, stray dog shoots. They could buy them wholesale and they could use their AR-15's to kill them (I have 2 AR-15s). Finally real hunters eat what they kill, they don't kill for killings sake.

  • Pleasure of killing

    Many hunters simply want to kill for the sake of killing, because they enjoy it. Is killing ok? Where do you draw the line? I've seen pigeon hunters who kill pigeons, impale the dead birds as decoys and then simply pack up and go home once they've had their five minutes worth. They're not killing these creatures for food. They're killing then because they enjoy the thrill of the chase and ending the lives of these poor animals which are so vulnerable. This is not OK!

  • They are not your playthings.

    They are living creatures, in many ways a miracle of nature. What sort of sick, depraved individual would butcher them for fun? What need is there? They pose no threat to humans; we should therefore pose no threat to them. They clean up food waste left in towns and cities, they have a purpose. There is no need to kill them, your own entertainment is certainly not cause enough to go out killing things. I despair of the human race sometimes you sadistic degenerates.

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