• Possible jackpots too high

    I think that it is very possible for a potential lottery jackpot to be too high. Shocking numbers of lottery winners end up destitute and miserable within years, I think that it is possible that a huge winfall brings too many petitioners out of the woodwork and causes issues for the winner.

  • No, lottery jackpots can't be too high.

    While it is true that many people don't spend their lottery jackpots sensibly and it well ruin their lives in some way in the end, however that is poor planning, not the fault of the lottery jackpot amount. Often several people share the lottery jackpot, so the high amount is not so problematic in that case.

  • Not if i'm the winner

    Lottery Jackpots are getting ridiculous but not if i'm the one winning. I need that money and would spread it around to help feed the needy and move my family forward. The jackpots are high but that is a direct reflection of the struggles so may in society are having. People are banking on that one small chance that their lives can change forever.

  • No, it is not possible for lottery jackpots to be too high.

    No, it is not possible for lottery jackpots to be too high. The size of jackpots depends on both the number of tickets that are purchased and whether anyone has won the previous drawing. When no one wins, the jackpot just continues to grow. Since it is statistically improbable that a person will win, the jackpot size can grow very large before someone wins.

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