• Aaron was a real threat to the Elites' monopoly on power

    He effectively mobilized enough people to defeat the PIPA & SOPA bills; which threatened freedom of information access on the internet. Something the Elite very much want to control. He was spreading revolt. He represented a real threat to their power. He could not be bought off or intimidated, so he had to be eliminated. "Suicide" by hanging; make it look like he killed himself. Those close to him stated that he was not suicidal and left no note behind. Very uncharacteristic of Aaron...Perhaps his "suicide" was also a warning to anyone else foolish enough to challenge the "Syndicate", after all, their main currency is fear...

  • It Is Possible

    We have seen several court cases in the past couple of years that equated people bullying someone until they killed themselves with murder. This is probably what happened with Aaron Swartz. He was bullied and harassed by the Department of Justice. He was threatened and tormented until he couldn't take it anymore. I think it is fair to say they murdered him.

  • No, there is no evidence of that.

    People really do need to stop looking for a conspiracy in every event that happens. What they were doing to Aaron Swartz was bad enough to drive him to suicide. He was young and may have been inclined towards suicide to begin with. I believe I have read that he was an idealistic young man, and could not deal with the nastiness of the reality he was experiencing.

  • It's possible, but that's it

    Yes it is possible, but it's also possible he was just cleaning his gun and accidentally shot himself. This is the fallacy of probability. We can't assert that something will happen just by asserting it's possible, as we have no ways of calculating possibility in this case, plus the possibility may be so remote that it's not worth considering.

  • No evidence

    I don't think so. There isn't any evidence to my knowledge to suggest that Aaron was murdered. It doesn't even make sense from a conspiracy perspective. The state was already trying to hammer him with a heavy prison sentence anyway, so why bring attention to him and then murder him?

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