• You can choose your gender

    Lets look up the definition of gender first shall we

    The state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).''

    it specifically states it is not limited to biology, therefore if I can be a man or woman regardless whether I have a penis or a vagina.

    Second of all do people being transgender and being happy about it not proof that it's possible? Transgender is simply being someone who biologically you're not, that's simple everyone can do that therefore it is possible to be transgender.

  • The Thing Is

    It's their body and they can be what they want. If someone says it's not possible to be transgender than why do we have transgender people and why does it bother you! It doesn't affect anyone else but the person. People need to stop being so traditional and allow these new progressive ways of expressing who you really are flourish!

  • Yes, I exist.

    Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist. Yes, I exist.

  • Why not? Why care?

    Does it bother you that someone else, that you probably don't even know, is transgender? That does not have any effect on your life. Why would you even care? It's their life and their body, they can do whatever the heck they want as long as they are happy. They can be a friggins rabbit for Gods sake! As long as they are happy! And you are also proabally one of those people who says "Everyone is diffrent!" and "Everyone is equal!" but the second you see someone different from you get all freaked out and become a duche. You are a friggins shitty person if you seriously think that you can just tell someone that they can't be what they want to be just beacuse your ego can't handle it. And if you are gonna leave hate on this, don't even bother.

  • No it's not.

    First of all, the scientists who argue in favor of gender being a social construct are typically psychologists, not biologists. It was psychologists who also came up with theory that babies suck on things because of some innate oral sexual desire back in the early 1900's, so let's gain some perspective.

    I think gender is being confused with character traits. For example, one gender (out of the 60ish or so that have emerged in our society today) is "feminine males that identify as men." ...This is a character trait, not a societal construct. Gender is not a social construct, but parts of gender are socially constructed throughout the years. (ex.- guys have short hair, girls have long hair, guys wear pants, girls wear skirts, etc.) But the fact still remains, as stated very clearly as the first phrase of a definition posted to the left, that gender aligns with sex.

    To make the nonsensical claim that gender is merely a byproduct of any given society is to argue that there is essentially no difference between men and women. Because those differences don't inherently exist...They are socially constructed right? This is bullshit, for lack of a better word. Several thousand years of documented history across thousands of civilizations have empirically proven that there is a clear difference between men and women, even between feminine men and masculine women.

    It is not possible to be transgender. To think it's possible would be to falsely think that the concept of gender is just a figment of our imagination.

  • You are born a certain way, and you cannot change it

    Now, I'm not here to advocate for a ban on transgenderism, or to tell people how to dress or behave, but the fact is that you cannot change your gender. Psychology has proven that in the long-term, people with gender dysphoria should not decide to "change" their gender, but to instead overcome the struggles and get therapy and treatment until their urges fade away. Sex changes are an even worse idea. People who have sex changes are even more likely to commit suicide after the change than before (even though the "before sex change" suicide rate is already very high), not because of institutionalized transphobia or systemic discrimination, but because transgenderism is a mental illness, and mutilating your own genitals to "fix" gender dysphoria would obviously lead to some regret afterwards. John Hopkins Hospital has stopped giving out sex changes, or even worse, giving testosterone/estrogen supplements to people including children because the practices are immoral and create disastrous results. The logical approach to dealing with a mental illness is not to give into the problem, but to overcome it, and the same approach should be taken with transgenderism.

  • Man-made classifications by manipulating linguistics, should not be held as gospel.

    Transgenders, homosexuals, heterosexuals; these are categories, nothing more. It is simply language with its arm twisted so that everyone can formulate an acceptable reality that includes people with male/female genitalia feeling unlike their biological determination- it's like the guy who first discovered fossils of animals that defied conventional definitions, and so created a category that aptly groups them under a single classification: Dinosaurs, which continues to be fed into the collective shared consciousness of society all over (arguably, aliens from other planets as well, if they exist and are of the peace faring kind, when the time comes to share our cultures) to be communicated as a irrefutable fact of reality among individuals within a society (the size of 7 billion people). As such, you cannot be transgender, but you can be categorized as a transgender- whether if it's a boy who relates more to a female identity, or a girl who feels correct in bearing a masculine identity, for any reason (for example, either boys who have been abused to a point where they find addictive solace in effecting feminine characteristics as opposed to conveying what is expected of his explicit sexual orientation, or boys who simply for some covert biological reason, be it endocrinology or neurological that results in an atypical dissonance) it is independent of any predefined categorizations.

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