Is it possible to build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim?

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  • Yes Yes Yes

    The interface for control might not be there yet but we could build the rest already.
    I think we could also genetically engineer some monsters to fight as well,the futures bright!

    It might look like a 80ft Tasimo, though we could pimp it and all before taking it out for a spin.

  • Yes it is possible

    We just need to advance are technology then we would be able to make them. Maybe 30 to 40 years from now we should have good Part of it done. Now the biggest issue is power source no money power source right now could get it to move. It would take it think 1000 buggta veron mottors to lift one arm.

  • Anyone thought about super-alloys?

    A page on super-alloys:
    Plus basic neural interface tech exists, not quite at this level but it is used in modern fighter jets. In addition to this, a neural interface is not required, as, if you look over the film, they are using a mechanical input system anyway. Fibre optics would make a viable nervous system. With the development of new battery technologies, a battery that charges in under two minutes and retains 90% of it's charge after 10,000 usage cycles have been developed. For power generation a fission reactor is viable if you look at the overwhelming size of the Jaeger (It's almost as tall as Lady Liberty for Gods sake!) and seawater would make for plentiful coolant. As for development of the required technology and the construction, if the World's top scientists and engineers came together we could achieve many great things (We could go beyond Jaeger technology!)

  • Its possible people

    The advances in technology over the past century have been great and the equipment that was involved in making them in the film already exists. And the matter of weight and size is not a problem if we look at our selves, I looked at an argument saying it is not possible because if the "jaeger" was hit the machinery would crash into each other. Ever been hit at school? Well when you are hit the your stomach does not go into your rib cage. Same principal, and if weight is a problem then how do our legs support ourselves? Exactly. If we look our top half is clearly heavier than our bottom half(in most cases) and yet here we STAND unchallenged by weight for the average BMI person. But metal does not gain weight. A nuclear reactor is the best source of power for such a huge piece of engineering. Financially? If the country is developed then yes but not Russia because they have just come out of economic crisis still affecting them from the cold war. And in terms of the whole neural interface and the drift... Not possible and not necessary for now. But I stress those words FOR NOW. I'm sure talking to each other will do it. And if there is a 60ft or 70ft Japanese robot going around then just take that and make it bigger it is simple, If it weighs 10 000 tonnes and needs ten diesel engines then double the size and give it twenty! So stop hating cup half full people. Yet again Hollywood has created a path for the future.

  • Sure, if it was smaller

    A 70 foot tall robot is already under construction. A slightly smaller and thinner robot Could be controlled by 1 person and would only need a few large hydraulic engines to power the arms and legs. I am seriously trying to make enough money to build a small 15~20 foot wood framed robot.

  • Yes why not

    As you can see we accomplished a lot in the past 100 years we created the world's tallest skyscrapers and touch screen phones as seen in Star Trek like 30 years ago so why not build a 250ft mech robot that can move. Yes I know it would take months or even a year or 2 and the materials we need to build it and money and not to mention the movement but steal if we put time and money out we can build at least one and it will be useful for the military I mean look Japan created a 60ft robot just a few months ago so why we can't build a robot that is 250ft tall I know its not going to be easy but look at it there creating technology as you see in movies that you didn't think it was possible So like I said put money and time we can at least create one and especially in an emergency like seen in pacific rim so I know each country can at least build one. China, russia, Japan, u.S,Korea and probably more

  • Necessity is the mother of invention

    Ladies and mostly gentlemen any one with the slightest understanding of history knows that we as humans always best our best achievements ironically through finding ways to kill one another. We have created super death machines for just killing 2 meter (6foot) tall creatures called humans. Can you imagine if the United States felt truly threatened? Let alone the whole of humanity feeling a common threat and doing something about it. I actually asked my buddy from Dubai, Aryeh Harrari, (feel free to look him up) who helped design their new super sky scraper. I asked him very simply could you make that skyscraper walk? His response was simple and humbling, not yet, when the ocean rises we already built a 3km deep pit for extra ocean water to be pumped into a "self powering" desalination process. In essence he said we could of made it walk but it was just to expensive for the lack of need. Now all i ask is Imagine if humanity and ironically... The wealthy... Were truly in danger we would come up with things we cant even imagine at this point.

  • All we need is money to build a jaeger. All professional mechanics from different countries can come together to build Jaegers

    Countries like Japan, Asia, America, Canada, Russia are good financially and can probably get there highest ranked engineers and mechanics and make solutions on how to build jaegers. When they have enough money and solutions they can build one. May take a few years. It is probably worth a shot.

  • Yes if the government had the money

    I think there is a possibility that these 6 country's Japan, Russian, America, Canada, England, Korea. These country are good financially and they can use there Military's soldiers and professional Mechanics too build a giant robot for in a threat of a emergency. So what if this idea is from a movie because in the Star Trek old tv series the Captin used a black rectangular surface and who knew years later came the I pad.

  • Yes hell yes

    I think it would be possible to build one but, it won't be as big as the one In the movie and it won't have all of it's technical engineering as the one in the film. And I would like to see one in person. Have some imagination assholes. :)

  • Really?Is the answer not obvious? I question the validity of this website now.

    Creating a machine so large that could move all of it's limbs in correspondence to a pilot who barely as large the Jaegers finger is impossible. The weight of the machinery used to make the limbs move would be so heavy, they could hardly move at all! No machine has the sort of coordination to react in exact time with a humans movements, even the worlds best prosthetic limbs have a second of lag. A piece of metal that size only supported by two legs would probably collapse. If you make the legs bigger to support the weight of the robot, then the legs are to big to move. If the machine was to be hit by anything traveling at a very high speed, one mechanical part would hit another, causing the whole thing to malfunction. It would cost billions of billions of dollars, it is hardly financially possible. All in all, it is just not possible.

  • Could not be

    In my opinion i do not think that the jaegers would be possible to build because the amount of work and resources taken to build one would be extremely hard to get. The weight is also a factor that could not be accomplished because, the weight of one of them would be to heavy because it would 'implode', that it would not b able to lift its self up with the machinery in one, in the film, the jaegers are transported to the location for battle by HELICOPTERS. The jaegers would fall into the ground and not support themselves. I have seen the film (its a great film) and i enjoyed it lots, however. The concept of either the jaeger or the kaiju.

  • No. And that's why the movie exists.

    Here's what people need, fundamentally NEED to understand about Pacific Rim. I have seen way WAY to many morons calling it a bad movie because of scientific inaccuracy, cheesiness, bad acting, writing, and anything else cinematically wrong with it. Pacific Rim does not exist to please people on an intellectual level. It does not exist to get a philosophical experience. And it most certainly does not exist to showcase films ability to show realism, scientific accuracy, and believability. For those experiences, go watch The Place Beyond the Pines to feel smart. Go watch Her to be philosophized. Go watch Gravity for that other stuff.

    Pacific Rim exists LITERALLY for one reason. The pleasing of our inner-child and entertaining us with giant robots punching giant aliens. If you saw this movie and thought "that wouldn't happened", it doesn't make you smart. It makes you an IDIOT because you're too stupid to figure out that the movie about giant robots and aliens is not going to be a smart film.

  • No Hell No

    I do not think it would be possible to build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim. The reason i think this is because the technology for it does not exist. Maybe they can build the robot alone but not as tall and without all of the gears that would help it move .

  • No it will not allow it

    No you can not build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim. The Jaeger Program is no longer creating any Jaegers. There are some Jaegers still in existance that can be used but you can not actually create a new one. Jaegers are very effective in being used inthe the Pacific Rim.

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