• Yes, it is possible to buy happiness with money.

    Some people find happiness, and even true joy, through money and the use of money. The reality is that all people find happiness through different things, including those things that involve the possession and expenditure of money. Indeed, some people go so far as to state that without money they cannot enjoy life.

  • Yes, the possessions bought with money can bring some people happiness

    Certain folks are wired to love having stuff, from electronics to clothes. Belongings equal happiness. For these people, their brains are conditioned to be happy when they have material objects. Oddly, their greed is a form of love. Then there is the opposite where some people get happiness out of giving objects bought with money. In these two ways, money does buy happiness.

  • No, happiness does not come from material wealth.

    Happiness comes from within. Even the richest people continue to seek wealth, fame and happiness from external forces because they never found it in their own wealth. Happiness is up to every individual and no other person or material goods can bring true contentment to anyone. True happiness occurs no matter one's financial situation.

  • Happiness cannot be purchased with money.

    While money can lead to material wealth, it will rarely lead to happiness. Money does not give you a best friend; it only gives you people that want you for your money. Money does not give you health; it may give you access to better healthcare, but that is no guarantee that a doctor can fix your health issues. People with lots of money but no friends and poor health will not be happy.

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