Is it possible to use feminism for ruling society?

Asked by: bahram
  • It's just about equality

    Feminism is just the idea that men and women are equal and ought to be treated as such. That idea ought to permeate ALL of society, including the government. Feminism is about man-hating or female dominance, it's just about equality and there's nothing wrong with that. I think it'll take time, but I believe eventually we'll get to a point where a feminist movement is no longer necessary because the idea that the genders are equal will just be everyone's default mindset.

  • Yes, feminism can play a role in politics

    Yes, feminism can play a role in politics. Take the 2016 election as an example. Feminists played a crucial role in Clinton's presidential campaign, while Trump's campaign suffered after the leak of a 2005 audio clip about him sexually assaulting a married lady, and his prattling about how he "loves women," and gets to see women half-naked because he's "inspecting" a fashion competition. The Women's March = following Trump's inauguration also shows how influential feminism is in politics.

    By no means am I trying to state that feminism is evil and trying to overthrow the government and such, but feminism as a whole can influence public opinion and help or hurt political leaders and candidates.

  • It all ready does, its been controlling it for years.

    The power of being a victim has taken on much strength. Society dares not to challenge a feminist. Its about women holding on to the privileges they solely own and never giving them up. North america victims are about a method of getting what you want with no rational equality for others. When society allows for special needs, businesses, social treatment for women only the only way this could have been achieved is through the control and power they have.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Did you mean "should feminism rule society"?

    Because feminism already rules society (name one major institution or organisation which doesn't accept feminism, whether public or private, or one law in any first world nation which was passed without feminism approval in recent times). Moreover it is easier for a ruling class to control a feminist society - look at the litany of oppressive laws passed in the name of protecting women, the damage done to families and gender relations, the rising tide of single mothers dependent on state handouts ...

    I am replying no to assuming you meant "Should..." for the reasons above as well as all the reasons given in "Is feminism like the KKK " debate in this website.

  • No. The oppressors will become oppressed, and the oppressed will be the new oppressors.

    Feminism is about equality for women. That aim for equality towards women sounds good, but it's missing something. It's missing men. Why not equality for both men and women?

    Mostly throughout history, it's about men, men, and men. And yes, it is wrong to have most things be about men. But, to now make most things be about just women, is just as wrong.

    History have shown that those who rises to power treat the former power holders just as bad. An ideal way to rule a society shouldn't be based on just one minority, but should include everyone. Of course, that would just be the "ideal" way.

    Hence, we shouldn't use feminism, or for that matter "men-ism", to rule a society; but instead, in terms of humans, humanism.

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