Is it possible (yes) or impossible (no) to have a perfect world?

  • Perfection is not uniformity or happiness

    My perfect world is one that is learning, growing, getting better and generally accommodating our diverse outlooks. But a world where we step on each others thoughts with impunity is the problem. A world where we chiefly seek to out-do each other, to defraud the neighbor and make profit out of competition rather that productivity is imperfect. Struggles are part of the human experience and each little challenge overcome is part of the joy of our achieving perfection.

  • Its so simple

    Learn to love yourself it becomes easier to love others. The world needs to understand that life is much more bigger than being human. This is a purpose to the madness. Regardless if there is a god wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to wait to be peaceful. No matter what people say. "perfection is impossible". Only when you believe so. Beliefs are too powerful for this to be true. We believe in a God. Why not world peace?

  • Perfection is possible

    Sure it may be difficult to achieve but with the right technology I think that it is possible for us to achieve "perfection", whether it's through increased surveillance or some kind of chip that we have to plant in everyone's head, I think that it is completely possible to have a perfect world.

  • This is a perfect world.

    The world already is perfect. There is no need to change it. It is the struggle and strife that is part of its perfection. I would hate to live in a world with nothing to struggle against. If there is an afterlife I’d prefer Valhalla where I had to fight every day, than to a Christian heaven where I had to sit around and sing boring hymns. The ups and downs are part of its perfection, and so are both the pain and pleasure. Sometimes I get to be the Buddha and sometimes I have to be a bum.

  • Imperfection is perfection

    The fact that there are imperfections in the world is what makes it perfect. Without negative, there is no positive. It is this balance, and our human ability to experience a range of emotions that makes the world perfect. That being said, it is true that there are individuals suffering all around the world, many of whom would not agree. That negative/positive balance extends to humanity as a whole however, and that means that some lives have to be worse in order for others' to be great. Is it not true that we often feel better about our own situation by looking at others who are worse off than we are? If we all had wonderful lives, we would have no frame through which to view them and therefore great would seem mediocre. Our world is perfect because the ups and downs give everything meaning. It is funny then that these very ups and downs are often what lead people to wonder what the purpose of life is. The purpose of the individual life is to live, and to add our experiences to the overall human experience.

  • It is unobtainable.

    A perfect world shall never exist as long as humans exist. The root of the disorder and chaos in our world is us. We create global warming, we make creatures go extinct, we waste natural resources, and we kill each other. Even if humans were to someone transcend who we are now and become "perfect" we still haven't accomplished our goal, for perfection does not exist. Perfection in itself is a imperfection. Being perfect isn't necessarily a good thing, for it can also be your only flaw.

  • Perfection is different

    Perfection to one person is different than to another. As a serial killer might believe that a perfect world is a world when you can kill anyone whenever you want, hammurabi might believe a perfect world is where an eye for an eye is a good way to live, and gandhi might believe the perfect world is not an eye for an eye but peaceful instead.

  • It is impossible for humans to be perfect!!!!

    It is physically impossible for plants and animals in a world to be perfect because everyone has to have faults no matter what. So that is why I think that it is physically impossible to have a perfect world with perfect humans and perfect animals in a perfect system of galaxies.

  • The flaw is human

    The society is unbalance because every society has to have a leader and because the perfect world is built with perfect lies. How is it possible to create a perfect world? If something happens, the flaw is human! No one is perfect, no one can't create a perfect world unless their a god.

  • Perfection is beyond achieving

    The world will never be perfect, because all people have different goals. Trying to create perfection would be essentially sacrificing one thing for another. Creating equality makes the ones that love to feel superior resentful. Giving people whatever they want makes them spoiled and eventually inept. If we take people's negative emotions away, we would also be taking away part of their humanity. Many of our ideas of perfection contradict each other, and opinions are ever-changing. Perhaps it is possible to create a world that is perfect to some people, but a perfect world would apply to everything, and it is impossible to perfect everything. The world can always be made a better place, true, but that is exactly why it will never be an utopia.

  • Everything isn't perfect...

    It isn't possible for us to be nearly close to perfect because look around you. Look at your surroundings. I see a new building, hundreds of cars flooding the streets and highways, polluting the earth in many ways. So how are we perfect if we do this... Also, we make mistakes we sometimes regret, like just this October I was supposed to go say bye to my great grand father because he was going out of the country and something came up and then the on January 2nd, I got a phone call saying he passed away. I regret not going... But it isn't just about me, I am sure you who is reading this, has made at least 1 mistake... That is why we are not perfect. But that is just my opinion...

  • No, it is not possible to have a perfect world

    Having a perfect world is not possible because nothing is ever going to be perfect. Each person has a different set of values and needs, as well as opinion on what would even be a perfect world in the first place. This is why we will never have a perfect world.

  • Perfection is impossible

    It is impossible to have a perfect world because it is impossible for humans to be perfect. No matter how hard someone tries or what societies do, perfection will never be achieved on earth. Some people think Utopia can be achieved, but they are very mistaken and they will never be completely fulfilled if they keep trying for utopia.

  • It Is Impossible

    I believe struggles are part of the human experience, so I think it is doubtful that it is possible to have a perfect world. Secondly, I feel like the perfect world is subjective, so not everyone would agree what constitutes a perfect world. I think life is meant to be the way it is.

  • It is impossible for a perfect world to exist.

    Perfection means different things to different people, so it is impossible to have a perfect world. In a world filled with so many different cultures and religions, it is not possible to ask everyone to feel the same way about everything. The world may be perfect for some people and not perfect for others.

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