Is it reasonable for someone to lose faith in humanity?

  • Following your own path

    If someone were to lose their faith in humanity, it would not be uncommon. Many people have tried to conceive what we really are doing with our money, well being, and our lives to sum everything up. Humans make mistakes, it's true. Losing your sight on what we are doing, rather than what we should be doing is something that you must face before you can really start to understand why we do the things that we do.

  • It's perfectly normal.

    When we see documentaries, or watch the news, or find out via another method the evils humans are capable of, I think it's a reasonable response to feel that humanity isn't all that great. I'm not saying it's 'good' for someone to feel that way; it is sad when someone feels that way, but it is normal.

    It's normal to question those around you, it's normal to find it hard to see the good humans can do, and it becomes increasingly difficult as humans perform more cruel deeds in each other and other species.

  • Man people getting lazy

    Pretty soon your gonna end up seeing robots on the streets serving humans food and buying food or they might figure out a way to make humans fly its utterly ridiculous and I hope we don't become lazy there really is no need for that I mean it would be great and all to have robots do what you want but come on tech is taking over our lives

  • We are imprisioned on this planet

    Govt looks after themselves,
    Poor are left to get poorer or die.
    Rich are all screwed up
    animals are not treated the way they should be
    the govt continuously lies to us
    Foods are chemicalized and genetically modified
    big pharma is on a role to kill us all
    hospitals are negligent all over the place.
    Seniors are mistreated.
    Separation and control is being promoted
    immigrants are migrating to civilized countries and causing crime
    natural foods and cures are scarce and at times illegal.

    BOTTOM LINE: we are all experiments and nothing more. There is no happiness, family values, everything is being destroyed....Destruction is what man does best!

  • Loosing faith in humanity

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  • Scratch a cynic

    ... And find a disappointed idealist. Becoming disillusioned with human existence is only a matter of time. Some become bitter in short order. Some take a little longer. Just like fine wine aging - but in the end all must become the"wine "in the end with a little variance in the taste

  • Having faith in humanity is premised on the evolutionary impulse to survive, but we can reason past this.

    I think having faith in humanity or not is based on the availability heuristics that our life circumstances confer. My feeling is that having faith in humanity supports survival of the species, however anyone with the capacity for moral reasoning can see that our species can be cruel and selfish.

  • Yes it is absolutely reasonable for us to lose faith in humanity

    Today in this high end competitive world, everyone seldom gives a thought to other's feelings.It is really sad that everyone has turned so selfish around which makes us lose faith in humanity we really need to do a lot so that the future generations turn out to be human and we have a world full of humans not money minded machines........

  • Blame the world

    Let's face it. Losing faith in our kind is inevitable. When we are kids the word around us has nothing wrong, we see everybody equal and everything good. But once age comes along, we realize the nature of things. Your best friend from childhood changes into someone who everyone hates because of his religion. The good old man next door was thief. The person whom you admired turned out to be who he wasn't. When the paradise around you turns into hell, anyone would lose their faith. We try to help the poor by tossing a coin but give them a job they would refuse. Try to do something really good the world seems to stop you. Having a good life, the woman next door wants to ruin. Have a lot of cash than your friend, your friend tries to cheat you. With the world filled with inequalities, you start to wonder the purpose of life? What, was it made for killing our own kind, for grabbing power, to show who is superior? After knowing it's stupid to say it's not reasonable to lose faith in humanity. But we still will not lose Hope because that's what makes us human...

  • Yes because the truth is laid bare to see for those that notice it

    Sometimes you can block your ears, close your eyes, and turn your back but you will never stop the world from turning. People have and will always do evil things and it's only logical that a person may question their own existence in such a flawed universe. The human species will never be a perfect entity no matter how much progress is made.

  • There is a difference between healthy doubt and no faith

    Yes, humans can be horrible and are unalterably self-centered. However, just because there are a few bad eggs, the whole batch of us aren't ruined. In fact, losing faith in humanity is giving up. It is being to lazy to go make a change in the way humans interact with each other and with the world around them. To all those who have "lost your faith in humanity," get off your asses and make a change; if you don't, you become the problem.

  • Loosing faith in humanity

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  • Ups and Downs

    It is reasonable to assume that for every up there is a down: life and death, win and lose, hate and love. Stupidity, in this case, is a definite down, but there are plenty of geniuses in the world to counteract this. Those who are less mentally gifted may lead one to believe that most people on earth are this way, but that shouldn't concern faith in humanity. Faith in humans shouldn't be determined by the present, but by what could lie in the future.

  • Its pure stupidity

    Its pure stupidity on their part, you usually probably see this term coined on some website or video post of something horrible or stupid, like an 8 year old singing a lil wayne song or something. What im trying to say is that people are losing faith in the most trivial, and stupid things, and even if they do have a legitimate reason, its still canceled out by the fact that there are millions of good deeds done every day by good people that sinply doesnt get acknowledged.

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