Is it reasonable for someone to lose faith in humanity?

  • Following your own path

    If someone were to lose their faith in humanity, it would not be uncommon. Many people have tried to conceive what we really are doing with our money, well being, and our lives to sum everything up. Humans make mistakes, it's true. Losing your sight on what we are doing, rather than what we should be doing is something that you must face before you can really start to understand why we do the things that we do.

  • It's perfectly normal.

    When we see documentaries, or watch the news, or find out via another method the evils humans are capable of, I think it's a reasonable response to feel that humanity isn't all that great. I'm not saying it's 'good' for someone to feel that way; it is sad when someone feels that way, but it is normal.

    It's normal to question those around you, it's normal to find it hard to see the good humans can do, and it becomes increasingly difficult as humans perform more cruel deeds in each other and other species.

  • Jake Paul and Logan Paul

    Just think for a minute here. These two people are allowed to continue existing by humanity. I think that that fact alone shows that humanity is a lost cause and that all of us deserve nothing but death. Think on your sins, everyone who condones their existence. Think on your sins.

  • I Hate Humanity

    Say someone had a nice piece of cheese and didn't want it but another person really wanted cheese and had none. In this situation the person with the cheese, as a human, would not give the cheese to the other person as humanity has lost all morals. If you want me to like humanity, share the cheese

  • Violence, Greed and Prejudice

    In order for mankind to ascend into a universal species, we must all be in harmony with each other. I believe that the core issue is money.
    The monetary system is fundamentally flawed - a persons' worth should be in their knowledge, skill or effort towards the betterment of mankind, either locally or globally. This would inhibit the accumulation of wealth (and thus power) of any individual or group. If food and resources were shared equally among all, then disparity would be eliminated. If everyone was treated equally by others, and we consumed resources more responsibly, we as a humanity could devote more of our time and effort into extraterrestrial expansion, to spread humanity across the universe. Until then, we are savages stuck on a small blue rock.

  • Perfectly reasonable to.

    It's everywhere. From people rioting about the smallest difference of opinion to terrorism across countries. Heck, we've started eating Tide-pods, mailing ourselves for likes, and we made a joke about suicide. Yay humanity for being stupid! Human kindness is vanishing. We've failed as a society. All we are is a bunch of creatures fighting for money, mates, and for being happy. Nobody cares anymore about cooperation. It's "me me me me me" now. And with the increasingly sensitive audience out there, we may never come to be our former selves again.

  • Humanity is a pile of unstable apes that fight each other to get to the top.

    Listen closely to my statement: I'm a Brony, everyday people judge me because i'm that person. They get paranoid. They tell me its weird, immature and wrong to watch a kids show.
    Some ask me why I am this, first off it was because I was diagnosed with autism when I was a little boy and lived in misery until I watched the show.
    Then it was because I found the pony's world amazing and much, much better than ours even though it wasn't real.

    Then... When it kept coming back to me, I realized it was because humans are intelligent animals that only want to satisfy themselves most of the time. They say there are rotten eggs in the patch when there are still good eggs, but they never understand why there are bad eggs and why there are good.

    Humanity created amazing things... But as time goes on amazing things die away to humanity's mistakes and extreme filth. Because its all about business and survival.

    People will judge you and they tell you not to judge them back unless you know them well. But you see, people stereotype you, so they feel safe. But they will never see the bigger picture. So they feel safe...

    You can be judged all you want but know in the end your a version of me. You can be nepotistic, egotistic, holistic but in the end... Your a human... Stay ignorant, you wont live forever. So please yourself so that the future doesn't.

    Don't let reality, society or even yourself define who you are and what you believe in. Do your best to be good. Stay altruistic, virtuous... But know everyone around you is incompetent... Because they don't know you, they are afraid of you. They don't care enough about you. They only care about business.

    Stick to believing only that good things are done with good intentions with "the Round Table" as your toolbox and your weapons. But know that all around you humanity is a faulty destructive mess. Your a human. Do what you do best. Believe...Create....Destroy....Survive...

  • Humanity is terrible

    People are so lacking in a sense of compassion, and morality. It seems like history repeats itself often due to making the same mistakes. Not to mention the fact that there are people who think that being a jerk is perfectly fine. Society is overly sexualized. People are self-centered. Human history is littered with people screwing each other over.

  • Everyday I see fucked up shit on the internet. It makes me continue to wish I was born on a different planet.

    Sometimes, I go on google to look up the strangest things to find out they actually exist. This makes my faith in humanity collapse more and more and eventually I will just realize society is screwed and become the things I hate the most, people who continue to murder society.

  • We as humans continually destroy ourselves over some of the most trivial things.

    Mankind has always been structured upon power, never really caring about one another. Not only does the government continually lie to us but everything and everyone does it too. There can't be a single day without being threatened from somebody who has too much power in their hands or are just evil in general. Us humans are violent beings who know nothing of peace but seem to know everything about destruction.

  • There is a difference between healthy doubt and no faith

    Yes, humans can be horrible and are unalterably self-centered. However, just because there are a few bad eggs, the whole batch of us aren't ruined. In fact, losing faith in humanity is giving up. It is being to lazy to go make a change in the way humans interact with each other and with the world around them. To all those who have "lost your faith in humanity," get off your asses and make a change; if you don't, you become the problem.

  • Loosing faith in humanity

    Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out Fuck this shit I'm out

  • Ups and Downs

    It is reasonable to assume that for every up there is a down: life and death, win and lose, hate and love. Stupidity, in this case, is a definite down, but there are plenty of geniuses in the world to counteract this. Those who are less mentally gifted may lead one to believe that most people on earth are this way, but that shouldn't concern faith in humanity. Faith in humans shouldn't be determined by the present, but by what could lie in the future.

  • Its pure stupidity

    Its pure stupidity on their part, you usually probably see this term coined on some website or video post of something horrible or stupid, like an 8 year old singing a lil wayne song or something. What im trying to say is that people are losing faith in the most trivial, and stupid things, and even if they do have a legitimate reason, its still canceled out by the fact that there are millions of good deeds done every day by good people that sinply doesnt get acknowledged.

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