Is it reasonable to bill two men $37 million for starting Oregon wildfire?

  • Billing men for starting the Oregon wildfire is reasonable

    It is reasonable to bill $37 million to the two men that started an Oregon wildfire. This sends a strong message to the offenders and those that may be considering starting a fire. Although they may not be able to pay the money, it will follow them and the government can garnish their wages.

  • Yes, wildfires are very dangerous.

    Yes, it is reasonable to bill two men $37 million for starting a wildfire in Oregon. Wildfires are very serious and can be incredibly dangerous. People who start wildfires either intentionally or due to negligence are putting people's lives and property at risk. The greater the consequence for this, the more likely people will be to be more careful.

  • No it is not reasonable to bill $37 million for starting the Oregon wildfire.

    No it is not reasonable to bill 37 Million for starting Oregon wildfire. The amount of the damage should be assessed and an additional amount should be added for carelessness. The amount added in this case seems extremely punitive. I think it is possible to make people be more vigilant and careful without being excessively punitive.

  • No, there is no way they can pay it back so it is a pointless gesture.

    If these men started the wildfires deliberately, they should be punished. If they can afford $37 million then that is a reasonable punishment. However, assuming they can't, it would be better to make them atone for their behavior by doing some sort of lengthy community work clearning up the damage caused by the fires.

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