Is it right for the government to ban advertisements for junk food?

  • Yes

    I think that banning the advertisements would definitely cut back on the junk food consumption in the country. The items will still be available for the individual, but they will not be flaunted. The temptation of seeing and hearing about these delicious foods will no longer be bombarding everyone at all hours of the day. I think banning the food itself would be wrong, but banning the advertisements is prudent.

  • It is a personal decision for individuals on whether they should eat junk food, and banning advertisements is wrong.

    While junk food is not part of a healthy diet, everyone wants to eat junk food sometimes. It can serve as comfort food. Banning advertisements on junk food goes against the idea of free speech.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I disagree with the government banning advertisements for junk foods, becaue these types of advertisements do benefit the economy.

    Advertisements help with the economy, regardless of what the product is. It is not the choice of the government to ban ads related to junk food. I feel that it's the responsibility of the parent to teach their child healthy eating choices.

    Posted by: eddietron
  • I do not think that the government should ban junk food advertisements aimed at consenting adults, but they should be banned when directed toward children.

    Because children are not held accountable for most of their choices, I do think that the government is justified in banning junk food ads aimed at children, in much the same way that they banned cartoons promoting cigarettes and alcohol. That said, I think ads aimed at consenting adults should still be allowed.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Not its is not right to ban these advertisements of junk food.

    The government banning advertisements of junk food is just silly and it shows that they are trying to control our basic freedoms. Just because they choose for us not to see something doesn't mean that we aren't going to go ahead and do eat it anyways. We live in a country of the free and they should let us make the choice of what we want to do, not them.

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