Is it right to allow a criminal to be granted a life after prison?

Asked by: Dr.Intellegent
  • Some criminals deserve a second chance.

    I think granting a criminal a life
    after prison is the right thing to do.
    Some crimes do not require life imprisonment. These criminals should be released and given
    a second chance after they have served their entire sentence. I believe that these criminals should also be
    able to earn college degrees while incarcerated so that they can have a better
    chance to succeed when they are released.

  • Of Course It Is

    It depends on the crime, of course, but there are so many things which are technically crimes in this country that are not inherently bad acts. For example, if someone is sentenced to a year in prison for marijuana possession, a non-violent crime which hurts absolutely nobody, preventing that person from assimilating into society after the conviction is even more morally depraved then putting them in a cage in the first place.

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