• No not at alllllll

    There are some Christians who want to celebrate Christmas their holy festival . If Christmas is banned Diwali should also be banned or it will be unfair for Christians. Even I am a hindu I do not support this .Common guys we are not racists . " BE FAIR TO EVERYONE "

  • Yes! It should not be allowed in school!

    There are many religions out there. If you celebrate Christmas, lots of families will take that as an offense, and the student will feel uncomfortable, and can get laughed at or insulted by not celebrating. If students really want to celebrate Christmas in school, that be fair! Do that after school activities, not during school. Students will not feel uncomfortable anymore, and will feel happier.

  • Possibly but only if

    Only if every other holiday is celebrated too. It's only the law! My school is having a christmas dance here soon. Ive been meaning to go up to the office and tell them that they should incorporate Hanukkah, kwanzaa, etc... Just as christian people have the right to celebrate so do the others.

  • It depends on...

    Unless you are going to recognize and celebrate all religious holidays of every religion, then American Christians are not entitled to celebrate it in a school with various other religions. Public schools in America are filled with Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses and many others. Recognize and celebrate all... Or none.

  • We need christmas

    I think that we should have the right to celebrate Christmas in school. Not only is it our religion but our way of life some thing we do every year why not embrace it. Some people are afraid it will offend other religions, in reality if we can celebrate Christmas then they can celebrate their holidays.

  • It is wrong to ban Christmas!

    Most of this country consists of Christians. Christians tend to celebrate Christmas. We do not ask other religions to ban their celebrations nor are we offended by their celebrations. Each person should be allowed to celebrate their own holidays in his or her own way without worry of offending others as long as their celebrations do not impose on the rights of others.

  • Santa doesn't care about your religion

    Christmas is not about religion for everyone any more. For a lot of Americans, Christmas has become a holiday of giving back and sharing cheer with family and friends. When it comes to the schools, Christmas is something that we should be allowed to celebrate commercially at school, not in the religious sense.

  • No no no

    Christian people have a right to celebrate their holiday. If they want to celebrate, they can. It is our right to have our own religions, express our feelings and do what we want. Schools cant ban a holiday that SO many people celebrate. It is taking our rights away and upsetting people.

  • NO, X-mas is here to stay!

    There are some well organized small atheist groups at the forefront of banning Christmas in schools and its annoying and malicious. Banning one holiday but celebrating all the others is a petty attack at Christians. If you look at the legal findings all groups that have sued to have Christmas taken out of schools has been shut down in state and federal courts. If you do not like Christmas and your kids go to a school that supports Christmas then do the masses a favor and home school your children. Additionally, if you have a problem with Christmas then move to a country that does not support a joyous holiday.

  • No! Keep Christmas and celebrate all religious holidays.

    If a child does not celebrate Christmas then they shouldn't have to participate, but Christmas should not be banned. If they are going to ban a type of holiday then all should be banned. Not just one. Many schools celebrate other religious holidays but do not celebrate Christmas anymore. Personally I think this is disgusting.

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