Is it right to judge people about their weight?

Asked by: rosalee
  • Weight gain is nurture not nature

    Humans were not designed to be obese, there is no fat gene (some people find it easier to put on weigh true but it is not their destiny to be overweight). Obesity is a huge drain on the healthcare system and on the economy. In this day and age there is really no excuse to being extremely overweight. If judging or shaming is what is needed in order for people to lose weight (I firmly believe in a fat tax) then so be it.

  • We all judge

    You are who you are. We all judge one another and appearance is one of the easiest tools you can use to determine whether you want to spend more time with a person or not. Just like I do not want to see a movie with a dull cover, I do not want to spend time with a person whose looks annoy me.

  • I do not support judgement, but in this case it is no worse then any other.

    Weight, whether it be obese or extremely slim, can be both a choice and a cultural/genetic outcome. Regardless, in the current society the populace feels it is appropriate to judge on many other physical traits, so why should weight not be one of them? I have seen judging off of weight being condoned by many, who in judge off of skin conditions, health choices (such a smoking), and much more when they are in reality no worse. I do not support the judging of people in general, but when people feel its right to judge someone based off of personal decision or there physical characteristics, why should weight be left out?

  • Of course its ok

    If someone wants to judge someone about their weight thats there business. The only way you can say no to this question is if you dont judge people at all about anything. Why do you get to choose whats ok to judge. A drug addict can be judged but an overweight person cant? Im not talking about the people who have no control over their weight whatsoever because of a medical condition. Im talking about the people who can do something about it just like a drug addict can do something about the drugs. Its thats persons fault for getting to that point and if you think that losing weight is hard try being addicted to a drug and becoming sober. I garuntee you that you would rather be fat and have to lose the weight.

  • Yes it is

    You should be able to judge people by their weight. You should be able to because their weight is a clear representation of some of the aspects of themselves. You can judge them however you want, positively or negatively, but it is not wrong to judge them. For example it is ok to judge an extremely obese job candidate at first sight because it maybe shows their outlooks on life or their work ethics and self respect. No it is not like racism because it weight is dependent on the person and can change unlike race. Overall in my opinion it is not wrong to judge a person by their weight when you meet them, but I also think that they should not solely be judged by their weight skinny or fat.

  • Yes. If u a fattie, d'en you a fattie.

    If you're fat, d'en you're fat. Get over it. Actually get under it and drop it like there aint no tomorrow. If you don't like it, the get rid of it. Don't be sitting on your fatty behind and eating your fatty ice cream, ladies. Hit dat gym, boys. Ya'll need to run away from dat fat. Run fat boy run!

  • Judge don't shame

    Being overweight is in some ways like being addicted to smoking, it is something that is damaging to your well-being that everyone involved should be trying to combat. If you smoke you should do everything in your power to quit, and if you are overweight you should do everything in your power to gain and maintain a healthy body composition. It's not always easy to take care of your body, but it is something you are obligated to do - both for the betterment of yourself and the people around you. It is the people who gain weight the easiest that need to work the hardest. This is something that not everyone is mentally capable of doing, and so yes, you can come to a conclusion that someone is lazy or unwilling to better themselves based on their body weight. Of course, people have the right to decide not to take care of themselves, but it is up to THEM to deal with the consequences of that decision.

  • Never judge a book by it's cover.

    I used to be really fat. Then I shaped up a lot. You have to realize that people have different reasons for being fat like: Big boned, metabolism, other diseases etc. Even if they did eat to much cheetohs in the couch, don't bully them for it,

    CONCLUSION: You have no idea what the persons background is, do not judge.

  • You don't have to judge

    I don't think you should judge people about there weight it bring there self esteem then might try to kill there self. You don't whant someone in your family die I bet you have someone in your family fat you don't call them names and in you do you get in trouble . So don't call no names

  • Don't judge no one peps

    People listen if your normal, fat, or super skinny there's no freaking reason to make fun of people. There is a funny joke and there's a complete judgemental. You don't know if your the reason people are suicidal. If you know it's wrong don't say or do it. People put there self down because of comments like this. If someone dies from suicide that's your problem.

  • We should absolutely NOT judge people based on weight!

    Honestly, none of us are perfect, so we should not make fun of others and their looks, it shouldn't affect anyone! People these days are extremely superficial, but leave that to kindergarteners! As adults, we should know better than to judge based on looks, and people who still do that need to grow up because that will bring you no where in life. Some fat people can't help it, maybe they have a really bad metabolism, maybe they were fat as kids and could never lose that weight, you never know! You don't know what these people are going through, so it's best that we leave them alone. Put yourself in their shoes before you judge.

  • Society is too judgemental of overweight people

    Fat what do you think of when I say the word fat. How would you feel if you got judged every day, you wouldn’t like it, would you? Overweight people face discrimination daily. Size discrimination touches all races, genders and judges people purely on their size not addressing their personality or other traits.

    Our evaluation of a person’s body has become our evaluation of the whole person. We decide that certain body types are less attractive and sometimes abuse, those who do not conform to our ideal. 2.1 billion people are obese or overweight this is 30 percent of the world. We as a community are judging nearly a third of the world’s population purely on their size.

    Common, “weight-based”, stereotypes are that obese persons are lazy, lack self-discipline, and have poor willpower. Other common weight-based stereotypes of obese persons are that obese persons are unattractive, unhealthy, have a bad diet and/or don't exercise. Pervasive social portrayals of obesity create and reinforce biased attitudes towards overweight people.

    Global hatred towards overweight people is a major factor within society. A worldwide study by Arizona State University discovered that anti fat prejudice is becoming a global reality. Research has shown that medical profession are less likely to treat fat patients with respect and more likely to be the butt of jokes. Some hospitals in Britain have started to ban patients with a body max index over 30 from having any routine surgery.

    Jasmin Singer a 31 year old was 100kg and lost 45kg and as she lost weight she watched the world change around her. “As a fat person, I had been used to folks rushing ahead of me on the subway, not making eye contact at the store, or not smiling back when they passed me in the hallway of my apartment building. Since I went from a size 16 to a six there have been times when I have caught myself irrationally questioning people’s motives. As a fat person, I had recognized that I was a victim of an unfair, unjust society.

    Some people believe it’s their life style they should change, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, your body takes a while to adjust to new changes. Instead of treating overweight people like dirt you should be helping them instead. Everyone needs to stop being so judgemental of others. We need to stop and think about it for a second: we see someone, and based on their looks we pass judgment on them. We deserve to live in a world where we don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

    Society is too judgemental of overweight people. Discrimination, global hatred and being made fun of occurs everyday for these suffers. So next time when you don’t smile back when a so-called fat person smiles at you or when you see a fat person admittedly judge them on their weight have some compassion think what it feels like to be put in their shoes.

  • Just because someone may be overweight or chubby doesn't mean they always will be.

    If you berate someone for their weight they isolate themselves. The more you judge the more you may depress the other person, leading them to eat even more. Give them a confidence boost and sooner or later they will get to their healthiest weight. You don't know what that is though, and it's up to them to judge.

  • Gods word says NO!

    Never judge anyone for anything....Not only is it against God but larger people have feelings too.. My stepmother weighs over 400lbs and is one of the most godly amazing people I have met in my 24 years...You can't only look at someone because of their body... There is so much more to a person than that... We are no in elementary school anymore folks... If you see someone who's health is at risk ...Simply pray for God to help that person...Obesity is a DISEASE

  • No its not.

    It is not right to judge people about their weight. They could have a condition like diabetes or it could just be genetic so it is not their fault. They probably look at themselves everyday and put themselves down so they have enough crap already! So we should treat them just like normal people.

  • You don't have to judge them for sticking with their weight.

    Unless they're getting sick because of their weight, then you don't have the right to have a say in their lives. Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't add those hateful comments to their problems. What if they'd have more problems regarding their love lives and with their families, wouldn't that make you guilty if you were one of those who judge them. We all deserve the respect we were born with.

  • They can not always help it

    You all need to realize some people have medical conditions that make them quite large. You could have a person that eats very well exercises and does all the right things but they are simply fat. We don't know why they are fat they could have a disease so just mind your own business and move on

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