Is it rude when someone rolls their eyes at you?

Asked by: dirtygabbchez
  • Yes, of course it is

    I know someone who does this all the time, and when I point it out, they say it doesn't mean anything, that it's just an expression. However, when I further discuss what they were feeling, it was a combination of annoyance, disbelief with annoyance, or contempt with annoyance. Pointing this out, the person still insists the expression means nothing but clearly the expression is matched with feelings of annoyance. However, to the point of the questions, I find it both offensive and rude because they are completely discounting what I am saying as wrong or false, regardless of what the conversation is. That's just plain bad manners - how about you try to understand before you get annoyed at something someone is saying.

  • Yes of course

    This is very rude. This is very rude rolling your eyes at someone because it shows that they act like if they don't care. My second cousin always does this. Would you consider this rude or is it just me.? This is also another way because they want to provoke you for you to start causing problems.

  • Extremely rude and shows a lack of respect for the other person.

    I thought that I had a good relationship with my sister in law until I caught her rolling her eyes behind my back. I have health problems and take a medication that mess with my memory when I have to take the med. I was at a family reunion and stumbled upon a word and when my brother (not the one married to her) said the word that I was looking for, she looked at him and made a face and rolled her eyes. I mentioned that when people make faces behind someone's back, they should be sure that they are not standing in front of a mirror at the time where the person could see them. I had always tried to go out of my way to be nice to her but when she did that it made me feel that she was being disrespectful and snooty and I have not felt the same toward her since. I am nice toward her for my brother and nephew's sake, but I no longer trust her or feel as close to her because I wonder how many times she has done this in the past that I didn't notice and how many times she will do it in the future.

  • It's so rude!!!!

    My "friend" meghan always rolls her eyes at me through text and calls me the b word and im sick of it. I finally called her out on it an called her a brat. I cant even go on because im so pissed at her. But i need five more words so

  • Rolling eyes is not right

    Rolling your eyes is not right. So stop all the eye rolling people. If you roll your eyes just keep in mind that it's inmuture and disrespectful. It can hurt people's feelings. If you roll your eyes it makes you look like a big fat brat. It's not right. Stop!

  • It rude to roll eyes

    It's very rude to roll eyes. It's very immature and disrespectful. It makes you want to punch the person in the face when they roll their eyes. It really doesn't make you look cool and makes you look like a big fat brat. It makes you also look selfish and not a caring person. It can be cause their jealous.

  • Of course it is rude to roll your eyes

    The arguments that say it isn't rude just don't make any sense to me. It's obviously the worst thing ever, but it is a rude expression. Its base purpose is to show annoyance, so how could it be nice or good or anything but rude? My dad rolls his eyes at me a lot, peractically any time I talk about anything in depth or say more than two sentences at a time. Most recently, it was after my mom went through some genetic testing. I was saying something about the results and a study I read, and he rolled his eyes at me. I asked why and he said that he was trying to watch TV. No he wasn't! We had ALL been having a discussion for at least the past thiry minutes. He talked, too! I'm not stupid. I guess I was just talking too long for his liking, but I had something to say. It always feels like a slap in the face when he does that. It makes me feel like my contributions don't matter to him and even that I don't matter to him. How can that be anything but rude?

  • Rolling your eyes at somene is extremely rude, and demeaning!

    To do such a thing negates the entire person. The person doing the eye rolling is showing the person speaking just how little the person who they rolled their eyes at is valued. They may as well have taken a chainsaw and cut that person down right at the knees!

  • My son rolls his eyes behind my back, i caught him.

    Just sad cause i caught my son roll his eyes at me behind my back,. He is not of my god. God said test every spirit to know if they are from god.....Not my son./ i raised. Makes ,me real . Real sad..It shows he really is a lier and doesn't care or love me....

  • Rolling one's eyes is very disrespectful and rude!

    I was in a restaurant earlier and a man getting his order turned around on his way out and rolled his eyes at me. The previous day as I was getting gas another man rolled his eyes at me. It made me do some reflection because I did nothing to these two men; both were with women. I laughed because I never expected another man to roll his eyes at another man while with a female. Further, it had nothing to do with racism because all parties involved, including me are identified as African-American. In this area, people of other races have been most pleasant and the mature aged black males as well. However, the young black males , appearing to be mid 20's and early 30's with whom I've encountered in these cases have rolled their eyes at me. It is sad to witness such lack of self-restraint. At the end of the day, the men rolling their eyes have the issue because to roll your eyes at a man you don't know is questionable behavior. Who does that? Let's watch what we do with our eyes. Karma is real!

  • Form of Self-expression and body language

    Rolling your eyes is a way to express how you are feeling. It is very much like someone crying. If I disagree with someone and for some reason I feel I can't say anything in response I will roll my eyes. Not because I'm trying to be rude, but because it is body language and a subconscious way to express what you feel. People act like it is the most awful thing in the world, but really it is just body language! It is crying, laughing, shrugging, pacing! It is what our body does to show and express emotion. If someone rolls their eyes at me, I may feel insulted, but I wouldn't consider it rude. Expressing your opinion (unless spoken in a way to purposely offend or provoke) is never rude.

  • Body language is our most basic and instinctual way of showing and interpreting emotion.

    Would you be less offended if someone said "I don't like what you/they just said" than if they rolled their eyes? It actually takes a lot more work for our brains to interpret and verbalize our emotions than it does for our brains to receive and display our emotions in a physical way (body language). Our very first forms of expression are all physical, and we send messages about how we're feeling from birth to death often without realizing were doing it. Think about children in particular; they typically have a limited vocabulary, and an especially limited feelings vocabulary. They aren't going to know to say "I'm disgusted", "I'm perturbed", or "I'm annoyed." They feel those things and the only way they can communicate that to you is by rolling their eyes. Now there are situations in which adults roll their eyes to add a dramatic factor, and these instances may be considered rude. However, it is important to realize that this may be the most accurate way for someone to convey their emotions in a given circumstance.

  • Don't be overly sensitive

    Someone rolling their eyes is the least rude action to ever make. People roll their eyes when they know they can't change your mind on something but in a way it's showing that they are acting powerless before your opinions and decisions. Calling each other names and sticking up the middle finger can beat rolling eyes out of the water any day. Someone rolling their eyes at me isn't going to illicit any anger from me.

  • Rolling eyes at me

    I personally find eye rolling demeaning and it feels like the eye roller holds contempt for me . It makes me feel devalued as a person .Its rude and disrespectful .My ex husband sighs and rolls his eyes at me all the time. He then turns his back on me and ignores me. The man has no respect or compassion

  • Maybe a Bad Habit

    Some people simply have a habit of rolling there eyes & nothing is meant by it, just a way of pulling information out of your brain, causes a slight hesitation so you have enough time to think for a second before you open your mouth & crap falls out of it. You always have the option of asking the other person if there being rude on purpose before you get overly insecure about it.

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