Is it surprising that a 2014 poll revealed that 30% of Russians did not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union?

  • I'm not surprised that 30% of Russians in a 2014 poll revealed they do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Considering the living conditions and economic situation of the Soviet Union before its collapse, I am not surprised Russians today do not regret it. Compared to the years under the Soviet Union, modern day Russia is more economically sound and in a better condition overall than it was when it was considered the Soviet Union.

  • Russians not regreting the collapse of the Soviet Union is not surprising.

    It doesn't surprise me that this many people do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union. Although they're not encouraged to do so, many Russian's probably hoped for the collapse to improve their standards of living. It's likely they saw the risk of collapse as a better alternative to their current situation.

  • It is not surprising.

    The Soviet Union was a totalitarian regime. People had many problems with it. They brainwashed people through government propaganda and threatened dissent with harsh punishments. Not only that, In the later portion of the regime regular people had to fend for themselves and line up for bread otherwise they'd starve to death.

  • No, it is not very surprising.

    The economic and social strife that plagued the USSR is not yet a distant memory for Russians old enough to remember its 1991 dissolution. The younger generation of Russians can ask their parents, and I'm sure many don't have good things to say. Only after sufficient time has passed do we get to reflect on history (its imperfections, its distortions, and so on). Those Russians who don't regret the collapse can probably look back and say that life is much better today than before the collapse.

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