• Yes, it pertains to an ongoing investigation.

    Hiliary Clinton is running for president and meetings like this could affect her ability to be president and might even put her out of the running. It may or may not be a meeting about criminal activity, but the public still has the right to know and make an informed choice.

  • Yes, the public deserves to know that Lynch and Clinton had a meeting.

    Yes, it is the public's business that Lynch met with Clinton. On any other day it may not have made news. However, when Lynch has a case against Clinton's wife and they have a meeting, the public has a right to know. Whether or not the meeting was proper, or if politics, or his wife's future was discussed, the people have a right to know. It is important that our leaders are held to a high standard and are above reproach. While we will not know what was officially or unofficially discussed, it certainly looks improper. Was he acting on his wife's behalf ? Will Lynch recuse herself now, and who will serve as prosecutor? Was this designed to get Hillary off? Their meeting gives birth to so many unanswered questions and raises many suspicions. Considering the fact that Clinton's wife is running for President and is under suspicion for a few things, the public deserves to know that he and Lynch met together.

  • It is the public's business that Lynch met with Clinton.

    Considering the fact that Bill Clinton is the husband of the woman currently running for President of the United States, and the husband of someone whom is also currently under investigation for her use of private email by Lynch's own Justice Department. The fact that they attempted to have a private meeting raises suspicion as to whether the justice department is actually as impartial as they claim to be, and the public deserves to know if there might be any foul play.

  • Yes, it is the public's business.

    The meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton was intended to be private. Many believe that Lynch will not be impartial when it comes to the FBI recommendation as to whether Hillary Clinton should be indicted for any wrongdoing. However, this meeting is the public's business; because the public has a right to know what officials in government are doing, so that they can be held accountable.

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