• Yes, she needs to go away. Her time has past her by.

    We really need to get someone who has fresh ideas, that can present a road map, and explain in detail how to get this great country moving forward again. I'm really tired of rehashing the same old politicians every voting year. They have had their chance already. It's time for something better don't you think?

  • No more Clintons

    The clintons have stolen millions if not billions of dollars, why not just retire and enjoy all of that blood money? Just go be a grandma, she's obviously not healthy mentally or physically, so just go do some gardening or something in one of your mega mansions. It just makes no sense to continue this nonsense.

  • Retirement that needs to gappen

    She's 69 for gods sake she needs to retire because she's getting on a bit she's a great women but is to old . My opinion is that we need someone with fresh ideas who is an intelligent young person so that's what I think about she's tooooo old to serve this country

  • Is it time for Hillary Clinton to retire

    The idea of electing another Clinton to the White House would prove that Americans hadn't learned from the Clinton experience and wanted to feel the pain of being taken down the road again by a couple of professional tricksters. Foolme once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  • A family should not serve more than 8 years in the White House.

    If Hillary is elected for two terms as president the Clinton's will have held the highest political position for 16 years. The Clintons should not be allowed to serve more than 8 years between them both. It's unrealistic to think the husband wife team do not influence each other.
    I also think the Bush and Kennedy families have served too long.

  • She doesn't have to

    Her mental state is fine, she is still able to effectively lead the nation as a president, and has extensive political history to prove that this is so. She may not be the best canidate, but she can run if she wants to and doesn't need to retire at all.

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